Best Tennis Betting Strategy 2021

How to bet on Tennis?

When compared to other online sports betting markets, tennis is a unique experience. Upsets happen literally all the time, there are more major tournaments annually than in most sports, and the variety of bets you can place is absolutely massive.

With so many options when it comes to staking your money though, it’s very easy to underestimate or overestimate the situation you’re in, and there may be many things you’re thinking you’re doing right that are actually trickier than you’re giving them credit for.

Enter our best tennis betting strategy guide, where we dive into the key components of wagering money on tennis, how you can help tip the scales in your favour and things you can look out for when browsing the markets.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s not all about the match winner
  • Preparation is key
  • The underdog isn’t always a stupid choice
  • Keep an eye on the markets
  • It’s not all about head-to-head records

Your Complete Guide on How to Bet on Tennis

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It’s not easy to put all the tennis betting tips we can think of into one section, but we’re going to give it a try. The markets are so open and varied that there are probably infinite tips pro-punters could give you on the subject. Sadly, we cannot go indefinitely, but here’s the best tennis 1.01 betting strategy tips we couldn’t leave out of our guide.

Pay attention to the stats

While it’s true for almost every sport in existence that the stats of a particular team/player prior to the match you’re going to be betting on are essential, as they give you a deep numerical look into the recent form of the team/player, it’s even more so for tennis. It’s even rarer in this sport that an underdog will triumph over the favourite, so combining this knowledge with the stats available to you is a great start to figuring out where you want to put your money.

Maybe the favourite has been dealing with an injury, and has been in a terrible run of form, lowering his odds for the overall match and throughout the game. Now you might know his injury has subsided, giving you the edge when it comes to his matches. It’s not just seeing the numbers, it’s about interpreting them correctly.

Know your players

Again, this may sound like an obvious one, but we can’t stress highly enough how important it is to understand the intricacies of the player you’re putting your money on. Maybe they like a clay surface, maybe historically they find it difficult to deal with a particular facet of their opponent’s game, maybe it’s a well known fact that this particular player doesn’t tend to care as much about one Grand Slam than the others.

These are all essential factors when deciding on a wager, and it’s not too much to expect a tennis fan to know a few of these little details. In fact, it’ll probably come naturally to most fans, meaning the best way to understand how to bet on tennis is to watch it.

Don’t worship head-to-head rankings

Operators tend to favour head-to-head stats when deciding tennis best odds, meaning that if a particular player tends to beat another particular player more often than not, then the odds will be stacked in the former player’s favour. To form the best tennis betting strategy, you need to let go of this preconception.

Of course it’s not hard to deduce that Roger Federer will probably beat a low seeded nobody nine times out of ten, but with tennis it is very true that literally anything can happen. It’s not like watching San Marino play Germany in the World Cup, where you know full well there’s literally only going to be one outcome.

While it’s much harder for underdogs to successfully triumph over the very best in tennis – presumably because there it’s a one-on-one sport and there’s not much outside help to rely on – there are that many games played every year that head-to-head records basically mean nothing, which should be factored in to the best tennis betting strategy as a rule. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, meaning that more important factors (injuries, recent form, prefered surface etc) should trump head-to-head rankings when you’re looking to place a wager.

Who crumbles under the pressure?

As the format of a tennis game supports live betting to a great extent, it goes without saying that in play tennis betting is one of the best ways to get value for money, as you’re always in with a chance of earning profit and it’s extremely exciting.

While betting in play though, it’s even more essential that you know your players inside and out. It’s very common for certain tennis players to adapt to situations better than others (Nadal is particularly well-known for this, recently demonstrating this phoenix-like ability at the World Tour Finals in 2019 when he came back from 5-1 down against Tsitsipas to eventually win the set and, subsequently, the match) and this is essential knowledge for betting on a tennis match.

Say Nadal was leading, and ended up dropping off his game and allowing his opponent to begin a tie break. The odds may shift in the opponent’s favour, given that Nadal has let a massive lead slip and looks like he’s about to crumble, but his record under pressure would suggest that he’s going to keep calm and do what he does best.

This knowledge could easily have put you in a profit making position, and there are infinite times where your sports know-how could win you a bit of cash, especially when betting in play.

Other Strategies

It goes without saying that there are loads of different types of strategies you can use to maximise your profit while online gambling, and even more when you’re specifically betting on sports markets. All of these strategies have specific pitfalls and obvious errors to avoid, so it’s going to take a while for the average punter to become proficient in one or more of these, like the best horse betting strategies for example, but they’re definitely worth taking into account when browsing the online markets. Golf betting strategies, cricket betting strategies and football betting strategies are all great places to start for sports enthusiasts, as well as greyhound racing betting strategies or general in play sports betting strategies.


Overall, a large amount of the best tennis betting strategy comes from the preparation you’re willing to put in, whether you’re betting on tennis or wagering at the best US Election betting sites. Detailed research into the habits of certain players and the conditions in which they feel the most comfortable is vital to successfully spotting a potential betting opportunity, and an understanding of the landscape of the sport puts you in the driver’s seat when looking at the prospective wagers.

Fans of the game will find it very easy to spot these opportunities, making the usage of the best tennis betting strategy very well suited to anyone even remotely interested in the game itself. It’s one of the ripest areas for betting opportunities, which is both a great way to make money from your sports knowledge and also an exciting way to combine sports and gambling.

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