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In this article, we’ll be giving you all of the finest betting information for Aston Villa and we'll cover the entire season. In addition to nudging you in the direction of bookies who are currently offering the best odds for your team. We’ll also give you all the latest news, results, and fixtures for the Villa too!

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Who are Aston Villa? Everything you need to know

Formed in 1874, Aston Villa is an English football club based in the city of Birmingham. Playing at Villa Park since 1897, the Claret & Blue Army have a long and successful history that distinguishes them as one of the biggest football teams in England!

Aston Villa hold the honour of being one of a small number of English clubs to have won a European Trophy, something they achieved back in the 1981-82 season. They’ve also won 7 league titles, 7 FA Cups, 5 League Cups, and 1 European Super Cup.

Between 1992 and 2016, Aston Villa played in the English Premier League, the highest level in the English football pyramid. However, in 2016, they were relegated, and spent 3 years in the Championship before being promoted back to the Premier League in 2019.

Some notable players who’ve played at Villa over the years include Andy Gray, Stiliyan Petrov, and Jack Grealish.

Up to 2019, Aston Villa held the record for having provided the English national team with the most internationals, with 74 Villa players debuting for the Three Lions since the club's inception in 1874.

Villa’s biggest rivals are their city neighbours, Birmingham City. In 128 games, Villa have won 57 times against them, with their first victory coming way back in 1887.

Latest fixtures for Aston Villa - never miss a match

As an Aston Villa fan, you’ll, naturally, be wanting to keep up-to-date with who your team is playing, week in, week out.

Whether the Villa are playing in the league, the numerous English cup competitions, or even on the continental stage, you’ll find all the information you need about your club’s upcoming fixtures right here at

Our experts spend hours researching Aston Villa’s upcoming fixtures so that they’re present and correct when you come looking for them. We’ll let you know who your club is playing, when they’re playing them, and even what time they’re expected to kick off!

Knowing the Villa’s upcoming fixtures will undoubtedly assist you with your betting too. Knowing who the Claret & Blue Army have got coming up on the weekend will give you the opportunity to decide whether you’re going to put some money on them to win, or wait until next week.

Our fixture lists for Aston Villa will be kept completely up-to-date, all season long, so if there’s any changes or additions, we’ll have it covered!

Don’t know who you’re playing next week, Villa fans? Check back here regularly to find out! It’s not just Villa fixtures we provide you with either! Interested in the upcoming Arsenal fixtures? We have them right here!

Aston Villa news - stay in the know

Another big factor that will affect your bets, and your enjoyment of your next match as an Aston Villa fan, is the news.

Has a player picked up a knock in training? Is your star man pushing to leave the club? Has the manager had a massive bust up with your main striker? All of these factors could have an effect, for better or for worse, on Aston Villa’s performance. This means it’ll have an impact on your upcoming bets.

Injuries could cause the odds for Aston Villa to win the league to get bigger, and news of your club captain’s departure could cause the odds for Aston Villa to stay up to shorten. But maybe the striker’s argument with the manager will cause him to push on and score a hattrick on the weekend. Who knows?!

Whatever happens, we'll have all the latest Aston Villa news now, ready and waiting for you to read, right here at Our football experts spend hours every week poring over news websites, social media sites, and the news, looking for any information that could be of interest for Aston Villa fans.

Keep checking back here regularly for regularly updated latest, breaking news on Aston Villa, each and every day!

It’s not just Villa news we provide either. We have the Crystal Palace news, the Newcastle United news, and every other team in the Premier League’s news too, right here at!

Aston Villa transfer talk - know what’s going on

Love them or hate them, transfers are a huge part of football, even more so nowadays, with big money moves seemingly happening every window.

A transfer could make or break your team. Bring in the wrong guy or lose your star man and it could be bye-bye top four, hello relegation scrap. But then again, a new player could completely turn your team around, and not only will he be a breath of fresh air at the club, he could also push them to glory.

Here at, we understand how important transfer talk is, and how much it can impact a player and team’s overall performances. That’s why we’ll always be keeping you Aston Villa fans completely up-to-date with whatever’s currently happening in terms of transfer talk at your club.

Negative transfer talk could affect your team in a bad way, so this is why you should always be up-to-date with what’s happening transferwise so you know whether or not to gamble on Villa to win on the weekend. Knowing the current transfer rumours surrounding the club could make or break your weekly bet on Aston Villa!

Rest assured, you know that if you keep checking back here at, you’ll be kept completely up-to-date with any Aston Villa news regarding transfers, transfer rumours, and more!

Aston Villa injury concerns and suspended players - who’s out

The last thing any team wants is for their players to be injured or suspended. If Villa’s number nine is out for months with an injury, or their best centre back is suspended after being sent off, it’s going to have an effect on their next performance.

Injuries and suspensions can have a huge impact on Aston Villa’s betting odds, and with the more player’s missing through injury or suspension, the less likely it is that Villa will win their next match comfortably.

Because of the huge impact injuries and suspensions can have on Aston Villa betting odds, as well as the Villa’s performances as a whole, we believe it’s super important that we provide you with up-to-date news and analysis on them all.

Our experts spend hours poring over Aston Villa news so that they’re completely up-to-date with everything that’s happening in and around the club, and that means knowing which players are injured and suspended.

If you keep checking back here regularly, you’ll find all the information you’ll ever need to know about the Villa squad, suspensions key players may be serving, and a regularly updated Aston Villa injury list.

And if you’re playing Chelsea next week, we’ve got news on Chelsea injuries right here too, so you can work out whether you want to bet on Villa to beat them or not!

Get the betting odds for Aston Villa

It’s not just injury news and transfer rumours that you’ll find here at when it comes to Aston Villa. We’ll also be looking at Aston Villa betting odds too.

Odds for Aston Villa to win the league - Leicester City proved back in 2016 that any team, no matter how big or small they are, could win the Premier League. Whilst Villa have yet to win it (so far) that doesn’t mean it’s outside the realms of possibility. We’ll provide you with regularly updated odds for Aston Villa to win the league, which are bound to change the longer the season goes on!

Odds for Aston Villa to stay up - Now, don’t be offended Villa fans! You’ve gone down before, and who’s to say you won’t go down again? Whilst it may not seem likely at the moment, there could come a day when the club just can’t hack it in the top flight anymore and will be drawn into a relegation scrap. If that’s the case, then you’ll be able to come here to to find out what the current odds for Aston Villa to stay up are, and whether they’re worth putting a bet on!

Miscellaneous updates - all the scores, stats and league tables

As well as transfer rumours, latest news updates, and betting odds, here are some other updates we’ll be providing you with about Aston Villa all season long.

Latest score Aston Villa - Most Villa fans won’t need this, as they’ll either be at the games or watching the game on TV, but if you’re unable to watch your favourite team on matchday for whatever reason, then we’ll have regular score updates for you right here at The latest score Aston Villa shows will be found here! You’ll find the Burnley scores, Chelsea scores, and all the other Premier League scores right here at too!

Stats - Stats are endlessly fascinating, and will provide you with all the information you’ll ever need to make a bet on Aston Villa. Here at, you’ll find all you need to know about Villa, including stats regarding their current run of form, their top goalscorers, and goals scored.

League tables - Aston Villa’s current league standing could play a huge role in you deciding whether they’re going to win their next game, or lose. Looking at the current league table before placing a bet on Villa could be the key difference between winning or losing that specific wager. We regularly update our league tables here at

Conclusion - check back for the latest Aston Villa news

So, if you’re an Aston Villa fan who wants to know everything there is to know about your club, then will be the perfect site for you! Here you’ll find everything from transfer rumours and injury lists, to live scores, upcoming fixtures, and news updates!

On top of this, we’ll also be providing you with some top Aston Villa-related betting odds too, which we hope will help you win big. Checking back here regularly at, and being completely 100% up-to-date with all things Aston Villa, could play a huge role in your betting experiences when wagering on the Claret & Blue Army!

Aston Villa news FAQ

🏆 What are the best odds for Aston Villa to win the league?

The beauty of football is that anyone can beat anyone, no matter how big or small they are, and anyone can beat the league, as Leicester City proved in 2015/16. Here at, we’ll be providing you with the best odds for Aston Villa to win the league, and nudging you in the right direction when it comes to which operators you should be placing that sort of bet with! You’ll find odds on all English football teams to win the league here at too! So if you want Brighton and Hove Albion odds, Arsenal odds, or any other odds, you’ll find them all here! 

📅 What are the upcoming Aston Villa fixtures?

Aston Villa will be playing (virtually) every week over the next 9 months or so, facing each time in the Premier League twice, and potentially facing many other teams in the numerous cup competitions that are staggered throughout the year. Remembering every single upcoming fixture can be hard work, and you’re going to need a refresher every once in a while. Thankfully, here at, we have up-to-date fixture lists for all football teams, Aston Villa included! Keep checking back to find out who the Villa are playing next!

🤕 Who’s on the Aston Villa injuries list?

Injuries can have a hugely negative effect on a team’s season. If your star man is sidelined with an injury, you could potentially see your team hit a really bad patch of form. Injuries can also have a huge impact on the odds for Villa to win their next match. Here at, we’ll provide you with up-to-date news on any injuries Aston Villa players may pick up during the course of the season, as well as any suspensions they may pick up too!

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