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We at betting.co.uk understand how dedicated Fulham fans are. Fulham is a club that sees its share of highs and lows across the board, yet you Fulham fans stick with them through thick and thin.

We want to make life a little easier for you being a Fulham supporter. For all the Fulham fans, we’ll compile information on everything to do with Fulham: Fulham results for today, Fulham fixtures, Fulham odds, Fulham FC news. You name it, we’ll provide it. Being a Fulham supporter shouldn’t be more complicated than it already is! Let’s get into Fulham's current journey.

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Who are Fulham? – Everything you need to know about the gutsy underdogs

Fulham FC are a football club based in West London. They are usually found either in the Premier League or the Championship. Fulham are known as a middle of the road football club: oftentimes, they can perform when it matters, but have never really won the big one. They have never won the Premier League.

The biggest accomplishment on this football teams list came in 1975, when they won the FA Cup. They often get relegated and rise up through the leagues: in the last Premier League, they finished 18th, meaning they got relegated to the Championship for the 2021/22 season. Their best period came under chairman Mohammad Al Fayed, where they rose all the way from League 2 to the Premier League (4 tiers).

Fulham's biggest rivals are the rest of the West London group. Known as the West London derby, they have engaged in rivalries with Chelsea and Brentford.

While it is not a predominant rivalry due to the teams often being in separate leagues, it has led to some exciting games. Chelsea, as expected, usually dominates the rivalry, but Fulham often comes out a strong second in the encounters. At the moment, Fulham FC fixtures show they are playing strong and could be due a real upturn in fortunes.

Latest fixtures for Fulham – a difficult start

The latest Fulham fixtures certainly look a lot easier than they did last season.

That’s the optimistic viewpoint we like to take, when reporting on Fulham news. After all, while Fulham fans may groan at the fact of Fulham's frequent relegations - there is opportunity to be found there for Fulham betting enthusiasts. Whether they’re playing rivals Queens Park Rangers, or a solid team like Stoke, the betting odds for Fulham have easily risen since their relegation. Plus Fulham can sometimes hold their own in the Premier League too.

And, it doesn’t matter to us whether Fulham are in the Championship or the Premier League - we’ll report on all the Fulham fixtures as they happen, and how this will affect the odds on Fulham staying up and battling their way back into the Premier League.

We also know the West London derby may be one of the more one-sided derbys in English football - it seems Chelsea will always come out on everyone's expense. But, with both QPR and Fulham finding themselves in the Championship, we’ll make sure to bring you all the latest Fulham news whatever West London fixture comes together.

The betting odds for Fulham fixtures, ironically, have never looked better - there’s always opportunity for us to improve when relegated, despite how it always seems to happen. So whether we’re in the Premier League or Championship, stay here to get the latest Fulham gossip along with the Fulham remaining fixtures.

Fulham FC news – a hot start to the season

In the way of Fulham FC news, they’re full steam ahead for the current season. Many Fulham supporters find their seesaw nature - of promotion, and relegation, and promotion, and so on - to be frustrating.

But, on the same foot, it brings plenty of interesting Fulham news - and we plan on reporting on it all.

We’ll look at how the latest Fulham squad comes together as a whole, under the current management. And, with the boss’ changes, we’ll also see how he plans to use each individual player to their strengths - and how this will affect the overall performance of the team.

When it comes to game time, our Fulham news will only intensify. Naturally, we’ll bring you Fulham news, but news from the their opponents is just as crucial. We have news for all the top teams. We've got Manchester United news, Arsenal gossip, Spurs rumours and much more besides. You'll find our judgment on the news too - the odds of them winning, how dominantly they will perform and how this will help their progression.

We’ll also make sure to give you Fulham updates on how the players themselves are getting on. How they’re training, what they get up to in their free time - after all, we’re all curious to know what our beloved Fulham squad are up to when they’re not in Craven Cottage!

Fulham transfer talk – some great young talent

Transfer season is always an unpredictable time. Especially, for a relatively small club like Fulham -  you’d think we wouldn’t be able to get any spectacular Fulham transfers. Well, you never know - we’re constantly updating the Fulham transfers news page during both the summer and winter transfer windows.

And, you’d be surprised by the purchases Fulham has pulled off in the past. Remember when Fulham managed to get their hands on Andy Johnson back in 2008? Or, what about when they managed to secure Mitrovic from Newcastle in 2018? Fulham may not have the biggest budget, but sometimes we can manage to pull off some huge Fulham transfers.

And, every time one of these massive transfers occurs, we’ll make sure you are the first to know. Mitrovic has come to be one of the best recent players Fulham has known - and, even the current boss himself has come to be a valuable manager that has been welcomed at the club.

So, you know you’ll get the absolute best in Fulham transfer news when you visit our site!

Fulham injury concerns and suspended players 

Fulham FC news on injuries has never been a hopeful sight. For some reason, Fulham has always been one of those clubs who has been absolutely plagued by injuries - much to the chagrin of whoever the current manager of the Cottagers is. We will make sure we have the unfortunate honour of reporting Fulham injury news as it happens.

The latest batch of Fulham stars to suffer from some injuries meant that we ultimately failed to capitalise on our previous good form. And, at times, it feels like such luckless following Fulham injuries tradition.

With certain players always finding themselves with injuries, we understand why you’re watching the Fulham injury news like hawks. Don't neglect to check how injuries are affecting other teams too, perhaps Manchester City injuries could give Fulham a shot at beating them the next time they meet on the pitch?

It has a massive effect on the overall Fulham betting odds - and it always seems to come at the worst possible time. Well, whether good timing or bad timing, we promise to update the Fulham FC news on injuries when it happens - so, that all of you know first.

Fulham fixtures and performance – their keys to getting back on top

The odds of Fulham improving are high at the moment. Fulham have always played good football, but we can understand why most Fulham fans would be worried about what’s just around the corner. But, if previous seasons have anything to say about it, we believe there is a pattern to be followed.

On our Fulham FC news page, we have a whole page dedicated to the tools we believe Fulham FC need in order ensure that they become regulars in the Premier League. We have all the Fulham news that could contribute to this - how their squad is performing in recent games, how cohesive the players are, how the leadership of the current boss is helping matters.

We pride ourselves on going into detail in our Fulham FC news, and how this will affect your future Fulham FC bets. It's also vital to keep up to speed with other teams, the latest Leicester City odds, for example might make you decide to wager differently. After all, it’s no use betting blind on a team like Fulham!

Other Fulham news 

We of course have to keep up the news on all other fronts as well. So on our pages you'll also find Chelsea transfer rumours, details of Leeds United fixtures and of course regularly updated league tables. As for Fulham, we like to keep our Fulham FC news positive - so, even if it’s not directly related to the club itself, we can find some positives to put into our Fulham FC news, that might have an inadvertent effect on your Fulham FC betting odds.

For example, remember when Fulham got their betting sponsorship back in 2002? They were the first Premier League team to get a sponsorship from any betting company  - which was a huge boost for morale for the team. Those are the kinds of stories we’ll cover in our ‘other’ section in Fulham FC news.

It’s the little things that really make a difference - sponsorship, kit, stadiums or even charity efforts. All of these little things will add up to the Fulham FC morale, and may even improve your Fulham FC betting odds - believe it or not!

Conclusion – a strong season with some big changes

To wrap up, Fulham are just one of those teams you need a high level of loyalty on. You have to accept that Fulham FC news won’t always be all sunshine and roses - but, what you can accept is some solid results. And, with those results, we’ll make sure your Fulham betting odds reap the rewards any time Fulham does well.

Fulham's one of those clubs you have to put a little blind faith in if you’re a diehard fan - and, we can promise that you can put our faith in us to bring you all the best Fulham news.

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Fulham Fixtures FAQ

❓ Have Fulham ever topped Chelsea in the League?

The West London derby is a rivalry that falls under the radar, but can still become very intense. It’s a rivalry that is composed of all the West London clubs: Fulham, Chelsea, Queens Park Rangers and Brentford. It’s fairly inconsistent, as many of the teams will often relegate to the Championship. Fulham regard Chelsea as their biggest rival, but still have had some great matches with QPR and Brentford.

🏆 Has Fulham ever won any English Leagues?

Fulham is one of the unique clubs that has been in all four leagues at one point in their tenure. In the lowest point in the club's history, Fulham were relegated all the way to League 2, in the 1996-1997 division. Since their low point, Fulham have consistently played in either the Premier League or the Championship. However, recent low key Liverpool scores may be changing the league tables this time around! For more information on a higher end Premier League teams keep checking in at betting.co.uk.

⚽ Who is the best Fulham FC Player?

Under the new management, Fulham FC have begun a new initiative. It involves pushing younger players, out of their academy or signed from international teams, to their squad. It has seen success so far for the Fulham side, with consistent wins to start off the Championship season. For more information on great players on the injured list, visit betting.co.uk./faq-item]

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