Free Basketball Betting Tips 2021

Basketball as a sport is one of the best and most accessible games to bet on – mainly because of the variety of bets. It is a widely watched sport and easy to follow, which makes it even better.

Our latest basketball betting tips UK can help you maximise your profits when betting on basketball - College basketball is also an option to bet on. We can help you figure out which league works best for you, and find great bargains like this possible £100 bonus at Bet365.

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A brief guide to basketball betting

One of the most exciting sports for betting, basketball is popular across the world, but especialy in North America and parts of Europe. With the help of our free basketball betting tips, understanding the game, utilising the best basketball odds, and its techniques will become easier for you.

1. Knowledge of basketball as a sport

It is crucial to comprehend basketball as a sport before trying to make money out of it. Moreover, it is vital for you to follow the games to know how you can win. Our exclusive basketball betting tips for today can give you a better insight into the basic rules of the sport.

2. Knowing the different teams

People can bet on the NBA, the most popular league, or on college leagues in the USA. There are also several top competitions in Euroope. Whichever league it might be, one of the latest basketball betting tips UK punters can use is to understand the teams that are playing. This includes the players and the coaches. Also, keeping track of past wins and losses can be helpful.

3. Update yourself

It is essential to not only understand the teams and latest basketball betting tips UK punters can find but also update yourself with what is happening within them too. There might be injured players who cannot play a particular game. There might be a change in rosters and coaches. Some groups are very motivated to prove themselves after a series of losses. So, it is crucial to keep track of these factors to better understand how the team is going to perform in the upcoming game.

The best way to do this is to follow the club, its players, fans, and coaches on social media platforms.

Combining the above latest basketball betting tips UK players can use can help you choose your sides wisely. Besides, updating yourself about the teams is vital in analysing your wins and losses while betting.

Main factors of importance when placing basketball betting tips

There are some other factors that affect your bets. With an in-depth insight into the games, our latest basketball betting tips UK punters can find can help you increase your chances of converting a bet into a win. Here are some factors to take into consideration;

Days since the last game

Unlike other sports like football, basketball teams have to play multiple games in the same week. Sometimes these games are not even in the same place. The  latest basketball betting tips UK bettors can use will to check when a team played its last game. It also helps assess if a team is in good form or not.

Opposition team

It is a great idea to also analyse the team playing opposite to the side you are placing your bets on. Some teams share very complicated dynamics. Sometimes the opposite team is very intimidating and can affect the performance of specific teams. Some teams have had bitter pasts with others, and are more aggressive on the days they are playing against them.

These are some things you will only understand when you start following the teams, games, players and latest basketball betting tips UK.

Coordination among the team

Basketball is a team sport, and it cannot possibly be a one-person show. So, proper coordination among team players can ensure better chances of winning. The dynamics between players on a team has to be good. This is a game that requires mental and physical coordination too. So, the mental state of players is of utmost importance and needs to be considered when placing bets.

Location of the game

Some experts believe that players are more comfortable on their home grounds, so they play better games. This might be because of the motivation they get from the local audience or just because they are playing on their own grounds. There have been historical wins of most teams on their home grounds. Hence, the location might be an essential factor when considering the free betting tips for basketball and odds of winning a bet.

Why trust our betting tips?

Our team comprises of a perfect amalgamation of experts and professionals from this field who can help you understand the game better and increase your chances of winning more money.

Our free basketball betting tips have been developed with extensive research and thorough analysis. Punters have relied on us for a very long time. These experiences have made us better and more specialised in what we do. Hence, we can lead you to understand the strategies we use and, therefore, get you more money.

Our key to success: The tools we use to analyse the daily betting market

We have a professional research team that excels in this field. They gather and analyse information to present the latest basketball betting tips UK punters can use to you. There are some well-researched strategies and tools that we employ to maximise your profits and minimise risks.

1. Prior performance of the team

We have a database of how each group performed in the past, and what the factors were that helped to result in their win. This gives us a better idea of when the team is in its best form and which are the best performing players and coaches for the team, helping us prepare effective latest basketball betting tips UK.

2. Prior performance of players

External happenings influence some individual players. This should be taken into account when predicting a particular player's performance. Since basketball is a team sport and each player's contribution counts, we need to assess how each player on a team will perform.

3. Statistics

The betting world has started relying on well-proven research and analytics. This is a scientific method to predict the odds of a team winning or losing with the help of historical data, especially numbers. It can help us get a realistic sense of how the team is going to perform. Data analysis has immense potential in predictions and is therefore used extensively to develop our free betting tips for basketball.

4. Best betting techniques

We also do vast research for the free betting tips for basketball on the different kinds of bets and how to combine these to get the best profits. This helps us understand how one loss can be made up with another win. So, diversifying your portfolio of bets is the key. There are different techniques for basketball bettors. If you have confidence in one team, you can bet on them. However, if you are not very sure about one side winning, you can bet on other predictions, such as the total score of the game too.

Things you should think about before placing a basketball bet

Here are a few tips you should follow to ensure the bets you place give you higher returns;

1. Do some research

In today’s market, most people who place bets generally do research. Getting enough information about the different teams, leagues, players, coaches, etc. is a good idea along with studying the free betting tips for basketball. If you have confidence in a particular player, you need to check if they are playing in a certain event or not. There are several games in a week that a team has to play – which might mean some players staying out of the game.

2. Know the types of bets

Our latest basketball tips help you understand the different kinds of bets, which are very important to know before you bet on a game. Over/Unders or Totals, Spreads are some terms you should know. It is essential to understand how much money you will get back and how much you need to wager.

3. Diversifying your bets

Putting all your eggs in one basket might not be the best thing to do in this case. Spreading the bets on different teams or games is the right way to go about it for beginners. Also, the different kinds of bets are essential to know about. If you don't want to bet on a particular team, bets called Totals might be a good idea, according to our free betting tips for basketball.

4. Budgeting

Many bettors get swayed when they start betting. One of the important free betting tips for basketball is to decide on a specific amount of money you want to shell out for betting. This helps you track your initial bets, as well as your profits or losses.

Our top 5 tips for finding your favourite bookie for basketball betting

Bookmakers have a vital role to play in your experience in the betting world. You want to make sure you follow our latest basketball betting tips UK to look for the perfect online bookie and make your experience fun and worthwhile.

1. Trustworthiness

Free betting tips for basketball provides you with some advice and insight which will in turn help you find a bookmaker who has both a good reputation and vast experience in this aspect. It is very important for you as a bettor to engage with safe bookmakers who deal honestly and have the requisite licenses.

2. Easy usability

If you are betting through websites, the website interface should be easy to use, easy to understand and transparent. When you are placing basketball bets online and using free betting tips for basketball, it is important that you face no confusion from the interface that risks wasting your time. Also, many online bookies now also offer mobile connectivity, which allows you to wager on the go with ease.

3. Variety of payment methods

An honest bookie should be explicit about the different forms of payment methods that you can use. There are generally multiple methods, and the bookmaker should be able to tell you how to use each. Reliable payment modes are extremely important to maintain transparency and avoid such payment-related issues later. Also, look out for terms such as fees and transfer times to ensure they are fair.

4.  Variety of betting options

Free betting tips for basketball can guide you on the different kinds of betting types you have for the sport, for example, spread, totals, etc. Your bookmaker should be aware of these bets and offer you a variety of betting options. Apart from basketball, they should have other betting options so that you can try out new markets without having to register with another bookmaker.

5. Good bonuses

At a time when many bookmakers are taking their services online, bonuses are a way that each bookmaker attempts to draw in a greater number of punters. These bonuses can help boost your betting and help you make better use of the free betting tips for basketball, so you should choose a bookie that offers generous bonuses, both as welcome offers and through loyalty programs. Again, thoroughly check the terms and conditions to assess their true value before signing up.

Our top 5 tips for wagering your basketball betting bonuses

Here we will provide you with some of our expert free betting tips for basketball to help you make the right bets;

1. Start following the games

Regardless of how you like to wager, it is always best to research about the different kinds of sports and leagues. We provide insights into the world of betting by way of our helpful guides and tips. Take a peek at the latest NBA betting tips, free betting tips for rugby, and cricket betting tips. The fun doesn't stop there, as we provide you with free horse racing betting tips, greyhound racing, and more. This will help you understand your interests. Free basketball betting tips will give you an idea of the different leagues and which countries they are most prevalent in.

2. Observation

Observation is the key to understanding what kinds of bets suit you the best. You might not want to bet on a particular team but the game as a whole. Specific bet types cater to various different markets. So understanding that is the first step to betting more successfully.

3. Minimise risks

If you are a beginner or not a risk-taker, then an important free betting tips for basketball is to consider spreading your bets instead of putting all your eggs in the same basket. That way, if you lose, the financial hit will be lessened.

4. Start following individual players

As you watch the game, you will have your favourite teams and players. It is best to be intuitive and support the players' roster. If the player is in the game on that particular day, you might have more confidence in the team. Follow the line-up for different games, for which the social media accounts of these players can help.

5. Understand the jargon

You will hear some terms which experts use while betting. It is best to get an understanding of what these mean. Our latest basketball tips have a list of such betting terms which might come in handy to you. Using these terms will not only give you more confidence but also make you more professional in the betting world.

Useful basketball betting tip vocabulary

Betting experts often use specific terms which can be difficult to understand for newbies. A little understanding of these terms and jargons will not only give you more confidence in your bets, but also help you understand them, the latest basketball betting tips UK punters can find and the market better.

Initially, these terms might sound similar, but when you get more familiar, it will help you place bets correctly. Our free basketball betting tips will help you familiarise yourself with some standardised words which are often used in the betting world;


This tells you how much you will likely get back from your stake compared to how much you wagered. Most UK bookies use fractional formats for odds, such as 2/1 or 7/5, for example. You can also see odds in decimal formats, though, such as 1.4. American odds are not used very often in Europe, but you might see them used in some places. They are more complicated to understand and show you how much money you'll win if you bet $100 on the outcome.

Point spreads: 

This is the easiest way for beginners to win some money. The underdog team gains an advantage, and the favorite team gets a disadvantage here. The underdog team gets a marginal score by which they can lose the game and still cover the spread, and vice versa for the favourite team. This margin is called the point spread. If you bet on a team, which wins the range, you win the bet.


This is the most straightforward bet on which team you think is going to win. If the team wins, you get a profit on the amount you placed as a bet.

Overs and Unders: 

This is also called the totals bet. You don't have to pick which team is going to win, but rather the total points that you think will be scored by both sides combined. If you believe it is over or under a particular predicted score, and you are correct, you win.

The above terms show the most common betting language you will come across, though there are plenty more that you can find on by following our latest basketball betting tips UK.


Basketball is a sport which requires bettors to understand the game and the different techniques in order to win bets. Our basketball betting tips for today have been developed comprehensively with collaboration with experts and professionals. They allow you to leverage their expertise to win more money. Beginners need to get the hang of how things work in the betting world and even experienced bettors can benefit from our tips. If you're interested, take a look at the latest football betting tips.

As an expert and trusted betting adviser, we help you understand the basic rules and various markets available on the sport and also explain the other factors you should consider before placing bets. Calculating your wins and losses can help you get motivated and play a fair game with wit. Our latest basketball betting tips UK punters can use aid you in making an informed decision without spending too much time on research.

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