Free Cricket Betting Tips 2021

Due to its popularity, cricket attracts a lot of bettors. There are many different betting types when it comes to cricket, so you need to go through expert betting tips to ensure that you know the score.

At, we provide the latest cricket betting tips UK as well as a whole range of free cricket betting tips to help you get started. We even have a special feature where we provide cricket betting tips for today to keep you updated daily - alternatively, jump straight in with Bet365’s £100 bonus offer.

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A brief guide to cricket betting

Cricket is a popular game, and there are many fans of cricket worldwide. While cricket may not have the same betting appeal as football, it still remains one of the most-loved sports in the UK and there are plenty of our latest cricket betting tips UK.

There are several formats in cricket which you can opt for, including T20, Test match, One day, etc. There are also several tournaments as well like the T20 World Cup, ICC World Cup, The Ashes, etc. In addition to this, with the latest cricket betting tips UK, you can bet on tournaments outside the UK, like the IPL (Indian Premier League). Regardless of how you wager, here are some things to keep in mind:

Types of betting

Cricket, being a long-form game, provides many different types of betting options that you can engage in with the latest cricket betting tips UK. While there are the usual win-loss-draw bets, you can also bet on whether the match will be postponed (due to weather conditions), the over-under runs total, the tournament winning team, dismissal methods, most run-outs, etc. You can also bet on individual players like the Man of the Match, Top Batsman, Top Bowler, Team of the Top Batsman, and so on.
Basic betting tips

If you are going for a betting venture, there are several things you need to be wary of. You have to know every nook and cranny about the game and format and also keep yourself updated with the recent news of the game. Plus, you must go through many bookmakers and try to select the best one that suits you in terms of the odds presented, the bonuses and the betting markets.

At, we help you by providing you with the latest cricket betting tips UK and in-depth comparisons so that you can make a better choice for your betting ventures.

Main factors of importance when placing cricket betting tips

Many factors determine the direction in which a cricket match will go and accordingly we adjust our free cricket betting tips and the best cricket betting strategy. Even climatic conditions can alter prospective outcomes. Here are several factors that you need to consider before placing a bet on any specific team.


One of the most important determiners of how a cricket match will turn out is the weather. Unlike football, a cricket match cannot continue when there is heavy rain. So, one of the latest cricket betting tips UK is that you should follow the weather reports of a specific country or area where the match is to be held.

At times, because of the rain, a match can be postponed. However, in some instances, if half or more than half of the match session is completed, statistical methods like Duckworth and Lewis method are used to determine the final winner.


Injuries or propensity to get injured tend to determine the course of a cricket match and are taken into account for the free cricket betting tips. Cricket is a sport where each team has 11 players and, like all team-based sports, teamwork and coordination is essential for a team to win. If there are players in the team who have opted out or who are injured, then it will have a serious effect on the quality of the play.

Opting out

If you bet in matches like IPL where players from different countries are brought in, one of the latest cricket betting tips UK is that you should keep updated on any upcoming national games of these foreign players.

Often, if there are any essential matches scheduled for a national team, then the IPL player might opt out in the middle of the tournament. In such cases, the integrity of the team starts to falter. It changes the odds and will also substantially change the bets too.

Why trust our betting tips?

If you choose us as a reliable informer and guide for your betting desires, then you might have a few questions as to why you should trust us for the latest cricket betting tips UK. We have a dedicated team who analyses cricket matches, players and team news to get you the best offers from the different betting sites.

At, we give you the latest cricket betting tips UK and free cricket betting tips. We also provide you with daily betting tips with the cricket betting tips for today. In a game like cricket with so many variables, betting can get complicated. That’s why the experts here at are here to guide you through your cricket betting venture with amazing cricket betting tips and cricket betting guidelines.

Our key to success: The tools we use to analyse the daily betting market

We cannot proclaim our success in the cricket betting market without mentioning the tools that we use. We use a variety of specialised tools that helps us analyse the daily betting market and provide you with excellent free cricket betting tips. Some of the essential tools that we use are;

Team performance analysis

Our expert group of cricket analysts are always on the job analysing the performance of each team and the individual players in detail. Team performance plays an essential role in getting consistent wins in a tournament. We also take into account any injuries that might affect the entire team’s performance for our free cricket betting tips.

Weather forecast

As mentioned before, weather plays a massive role in the dynamics of a team. If there is an oncoming rain in the match area and if it does pour down, then either the match can get cancelled, or the winner can be decided based on Duckworth Lewis Method.

Plus, there are separate bets which you can place to determine whether a match will complete or not. We collect the weather reports and data of the specific locality as well as the weather conditions of the same area for the past few days to give you reliable free cricket betting tips.

National/domestic team news

There are specific tournaments like IPL, where players are brought for a certain period of time from their national team. However, if there are any matches of the national team, these players can leave the tournament midway to participate in domestic matches. This exit can take a massive toll on team dynamics.

We ensure to collect the top news from each nation’s national cricket association and also, collect all the different sports news to estimate if a national player would leave a match or not.

Things you should think about before placing a cricket bet

Cricket can turn out to be quite a complicated game overall. Since it’s a long-form game with a lot of variables determining the outcome, you have to be careful before you place a cricket bet. These are some of the things you should consider before you place a bet on a cricket match;

The odds

When you opt for a sportsbook to bet on cricket matches, one of the most important free cricket betting tips is that you should compare the odds. Always go for a sportsbook which presents you with the best odds. The odds give you an indication of how likely an event is to occur, as well as what your potential winnings are.

Overall, the better the sportsbook, the better will be your overall earnings for the entire year. You should do a bit of line shopping to find the best sportsbook for you. Bear in mind though that the odds can be different for pre-match betting and in-play betting as well.

Type of bet

here are several types of bet that you can make when you are going to bet on a cricket match. Each of the bets has a speciality and is focused on a particular outcome of the game and has different free cricket betting tips. You can choose the type of betting based on your comfort level.

Some of the bet types available are 1X2 (for the outcome of win-lose-draw), series winner, top batsman, top bowler, Man of the Match, dismissal method, run from next delivery, batsman runs, etc. Get an idea of what each wager means and place your money on the prediction you feel most comfortable with.
Point in time

You can bet on a game based on the timing of it. Many people opt to go for pre-match betting or pre-series betting where they bet on specific outcomes before the match starts. Pre-match betting can sometimes occur even a year before a match, but it stops just when the match begins.

There is another betting type that is gaining a lot of popularity among bettors of today. It is called live betting or in-play betting. In-play betting starts when the match begins and ends once the match ends. In-play betting is an advanced betting where you can bet on the live upcoming events in a match like the next runs from the following delivery or dismissal method, with odds changing in real-time to reflect the action.

Our top 5 tips for finding your favourite bookie for cricket

If you plan on betting on a cricket match or a cricket tournament, you must find a great bookie for yourself. If you find the best bookie, you get a better chance at winning against your bet and a better overall payout. The top tips to get your favourite bookie are;

Best odds

The first thing that you need to check before opting for a bookie is whether the odds being presented by your bookie are competitive or not. The best odds are the ones which can promise you high payouts. So, it is essential to line shop and to check our betting odds comparison before choosing a specific bookie.

Best bonuses

Most sportsbooks tempt new customers by giving them grand bonuses. However, the bonuses offered by the bookies are not the same. Generally, bookies present a deposit bonus against your first deposit, or they give bonus bets. Make sure you check the terms and conditions of these promotions before you register, as wagering requirements and time limits can affect their value.

Easy usability

When you are betting online, your sportsbook must present all the necessary information on their website. On top of that, the webpage should not be too cluttered. The operator should offer an attractive but most importantly, a usable website that can make it easier for the bettor. Plus, it should have all the essential features of modern sportsbooks like a cash-out feature when one engages with the in-play betting interface.

Variety of markets

A proper sportsbook does not limit the betting choices of a bettor. A sportsbook should offer you a variety of cricket leagues, tournaments and one day matches to bet on. You should also be allowed to make different types of bets like dismissal method, handicap bets, etc.

Payment methods

In the current market, there are several payment methods that a bettor can use to deposit or withdraw money. While there are the traditional debit cards like Visa, there are also other reliable options in the form of e-wallets – including the likes of PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc. A bookie should allow you to be flexible with your payment methods by accepting several payment methods, including the modern e-wallet format.

Our top 5 tips for wagering your cricket bonuses

Betting is an activity where you need to gain experience. There will be inevitable mistakes and possible losses, but by learning from these mistakes, you get a better chance at winning as well. However, here are a few tips to remember when it comes to wagering your cricket bonus;

Efficient use in daily betting

As mentioned, betting needs a lot of practice. If you get a cricket bonus, you can accept it as an offer given to you by the bookie. Some bonuses come with a wagering requirement, and so, you have to bet it a specified number of times before you can withdraw it or any associated winnings as cash. So, when you get a bonus, try to use it efficiently and read up on all the terms and conditions.

Bankroll Management

Whenever you bet using your bonuses, you are saving your own money from getting lost in the bet. Before betting, you should set a betting limit. By integrating this strategy of imposing a betting limit on yourself and by using your bonus for betting, you engage in strict cost savings which will help you to incur low losses in the future.

Risk minimisation

It is essential to minimise your risk when you are betting. Bonuses are a way by which you reduce your risk by securing yourself from losses. You can also engage in risk minimisation by spreading out your bets on multiple outcomes, rather than putting all your eggs in one basket with a single wager.
Familiarising yourself with the format

You need to familiarise yourself with the format of the game. You should analyse the players and the pitch conditions before opting to wager your bonus. The format and pitch conditions all play a role in the team performance and overall gameplay.

Use stat checkers

You should always check the stats before you put your bonus on a wager. Many limited over games have tense endings, but in cricket, there are games which can have a one-sided dominance throughout the game. It depends on the teams that are playing against each other. Also, you could wait for an innings to end before opting to wager your bonus, since, after an innings, the general direction of the game can be predicted.

Useful cricket betting tip vocabulary

Our free cricket betting tips are quite helpful and can assist you in making reliable bets that can get you wins and long-term high payouts. However, there are specific expert tips that can help you start your betting journey with more ease;

Know the format: You should know the format of the game accurately before you take a shot at betting. Understanding the format of the game will make it easier for you to determine where you wish to place your bets.

Keep a budget: Always keep a budget when you are involved in betting and do not exceed this budget. Many people have gone in debt due to unwise betting.

Watch the news: Keep yourself updated with the weather conditions and the team performance. During tournaments, understand that repeated matches can tire a team and this might result in slower performances.

Use bonuses properly: Utilise your bonuses properly. Bonuses should minimise your risks, so you can make a moderately risky attempt if you are protected by a bonus. However, you should check on their wagering requirements as well.

Study the bookmaker: It is a given fact that the house has an advantage. However, what you can do is study the bookmaker and make your bets accordingly. It will help you reap in more wins.

Read the terms and conditions: Always read the terms and conditions of a sportsbook before applying. If in doubt, use the customer service to find the answer you need.


While betting on cricket games can be quite exciting, there is no doubt that it can sometimes be as complicated as the game itself. When you are betting, you must go to the right operator, know everything about the game and use expert betting tips to help you make the right betting choice.

At, we ensure that you get the right betting tips for specific matches. We analyse the players and the weather on match days to ensure that you get the right daily cricket betting tips for today. We are always updating our betting tips based on matches, location, pitch conditions, players, etc., thereby giving you the latest cricket betting tips UK.

We also provide you with essential betting guides to brush up your betting terminologies so that you don’t feel like you are on uncharted grounds when you enter the world of betting. If you want to bet on other games, take a look at our expert tips such as our greyhound racing, golf betting tips, and tennis betting tips. We also provide you with basketball betting tips, including our very own NBA betting tips. All of which can increase your chances of winning a bet!

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