Free Betting Tips for FA Cup 2021

The FA Cup is a much-loved feature of the footballing calendar, resulting in numerous incredible matches, upsets, and sporting stories over the course of its century-and-change of history. Magical.

As well as enthralling football fans, the FA Cup also draws the attention of bettors – and to assist those bettors with selecting their bets, we at offer a full range of free betting tips for the FA Cup. Know the basics? Jump straight in with this possible £100 bonus bet credit at Bet365.


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A brief guide to FA Cup betting

There are multiple aspects to pay attention to when considering the latest FA Cup betting tips, as we will soon discuss. However, there are two particular aspects that should always be at the foremost of your mind when betting on the FA Cup.

Disparity between the teams

The final of the FA Cup tends to be contested by two teams of a similar level – and usually, that level is the Premier League – but before the final, the format of the tournament does present the opportunity for teams with a significant difference from one another to meet in a lopsided fixture. Such clashes are often especially tough to judge due to (often) a complete lack of history between the teams, and there’s no denying the latest FA Cup betting tips can be overturned by a huge upset every once in awhile, so even an “on paper” definite winner might not be guaranteed to win; all factors that have to be considered when placing your bets.

Changes in form throughout the tournament

Betting on the FA Cup is a sporadic activity that is spread throughout the season. Unlike those using Premier League betting tips in order to place wagers almost-weekly from August through to May on the latest PL games, FA Cup fixtures are threaded throughout the calendar. Just because a team performed well in one FA Cup match does not necessarily mean, as the latest FA Cup betting tips are compiled, that they will perform well in the next – so checking in with performances in their recent league games remains of paramount importance when choosing how to bet.

Main factors of importance when placing FA Cup bets

When you’re placing bets based on free betting tips for FA Cup matches, there are two factors in particular that have an important role to play in your decision-making process…

Team selection influencing the match

As wonderful as the FA Cup can be, for some teams, it might not necessarily be the biggest priority. For a team in the running for titles that carry a higher privilege, such as European glory, the FA Cup may not receive the very best of their squad. If the first team, or at least a few members of the first team, might sit a fixture out, then this could – not unlike what we see with some Europa League betting tips – influence how the team as a whole performs in the match.


One of the most charming elements of the FA Cup is that any team, regardless of their size or stature in the game, could win the trophy. However, as nice as the theory of anyone-can-win is, in practice, it tends to be familiar names that will be favoured in the latest FA Cup betting tips. Footballing prowess is, of course, a key part of deciding a match, but experience in high-pressure games that are watched by thousands of people also counts. Keep in mind the experience factor – and particularly, the fact that more experienced teams may be more likely to triumph over a less-experienced team however good that less-experienced team might be – when evaluating the teams before placing your bets.

Why trust our betting tips?

We at have gone to great lengths to guarantee the quality of all of the free betting tips for FA Cup matches that we include on our site, focusing on all of the necessities required to ensure our tips are of the highest possible standard. Our tips are compiled using the freshest, most up-to-date information, and are always written by writers who are extremely well-versed in the intricacies of the FA Cup as well as the fundamentals of placing bets. As a result of this all-encompassing approach, we believe that anyone seeking high-quality free betting tips for FA Cup matches should find a useful resource.

Our key to success: The tools we use to analyse the daily betting market

When preparing the latest FA Cup betting tips, our writers endeavour to utilise all of the following to ensure each tip is as helpful as enriched with information as it can possibly be…

Experienced insight

All of our betting tip writers benefit from years of experience watching and writing free betting tips for the FA Cup and football in general.

Statistical assessments and analysis

Statistics have a key role to play when it comes to compiling our free betting tips for FA Cup matches. Our writers use statistics to help improve their understanding of each of the teams involved in a particular fixture, which in turn leads to a greater comprehension of how a forthcoming match may progress. All of this useful, data-driven knowledge then plays a key role in the formation of all of the free FA Cup betting tips.

Comprehensive research

Compiling the latest FA Cup betting tips requires an assessment of the teams and their recent performances, but it also requires far more than this. For example, a good betting tip should weigh everything about a team, from transfer talk to tales of dressing room discontent, and every other piece of information that surrounds the average modern football team. Engaging in this kind of leave-no-stone-unturned method of research helps to make sure that all of the free FA Cup betting tips we publish are as well-rounded as they can possibly be.

Things you should think about before placing a FA Cup bet

It’s always wise to consider all of the following when you are thinking about placing a bet based on the latest FA Cup betting tips…

#1 – The market you wish to bet on

There are now almost more betting markets on a single football match than it’s possible to list; everything from goalscorers to the scoreline has its own offering, and each of the options should be considered before placing your bet.

#2 – When to place the bet

Traditionally bets could only be placed prior to an event commencing, but in the modern world, things have changed. Now, in-play betting has become more and more popular, and is now largely considered to be a standard feature on most bookmakers’ websites. It’s therefore advisable to think about whether a pre-match bet or an in-play bet might be the preferable choice for any bets you might want to place after reading free betting tips for FA Cup matches.

#3 – Ensuring the best odds

While there’s a chance that the first bookmaker you check will also be the operator with the best odds, it’s far from guaranteed. Instead, spend time researching the odds that are available at different operators; the difference from site to site can be significant, and given you will naturally want to place your chosen bet at the most competitive odds you can, your research will stand you in good stead.

Our top five tips for finding your favourite bookie for FA Cup betting

The FA Cup is incredibly popular, so once you have read free betting tips for the FA Cup, you should have no issue finding a bookmaker who offers a range of different markets on the tournament. However, with so many operators to choose from, here’s what to look for when deciding which is the best for you…

Usability across all devices

A website that is simple to use is an absolute must when placing bets; you need to be able to feel that you can manoeuvre through the site with complete ease, and preferably as intuitively as possible. What’s more, this usability should be consistent across all devices, whether through the use of a mobile app or (at least) a well-designed responsive mobile website.

The required license to operate in the UK

All bookmakers operating in the United Kingdom are required to hold a license issued by the UK Gambling Commission. Check an operators website for information about this; it should be mentioned in the terms and conditions, or you may be able to see the UKGC’s logo somewhere on the site.

The sign up offer and ongoing promotions

Many bookmakers provide sign up offers in order to draw the attention of customers, and will then continue to provide ongoing promotions – often on a week-by-week basis – to their existing customers. Choosing a bookmaker with these measures in place can enhance your experience of using a particular operator.

Good odds

Naturally you will want to make sure you are able to find the best possible odds for any bet you place, so checking to see how a bookmaker you are considering compares will always be helpful. In addition to looking at the standard odds an operator provides, also look out for any enhanced odds or price boosts – many bookmakers offer these at around the same time each week, and the extra boost can really add extra value.

In-play betting that functions well

In-play betting has grown almost exponentially in recent years, so if you wish to avail of this feature, then assessing a bookmaker’s provision should be a priority. However, the mere existence of in-play betting on a site does not mean the function works well; bets can be delayed and screens can lag as the odds shift rapidly, so make sure the in-play service works well if you intend to use it.

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Our top five tips for wagering your FA Cup bonuses

When using the latest FA Cup betting tips, you may occasionally see promotions or bonuses available at your chosen bookmaker. In some instances, these bonuses may come with wagering requirements attached – an unusual (for the sportsbook, at least) inclusion, but not unheard of.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to wager a bonus, here are a few tips that you might find useful:

Check what types of bets qualify as wagering

If the bonus you need to wager was originally credited as a result of a promotion relating to the FA Cup, then there’s a chance that you will only be able to complete wagering on the same tournament. The terms and conditions of the original bonus should outline exactly which bets count towards the wagering requirement of your bonus, or you can ask on live chat if your wagering is restricted to just FA Cup bets or if wagering can be completed by betting on Champions League betting tips, or indeed any sport or event.

Check, and then abide by, the wagering time limit

In almost all instances, bookmakers will request that wagering is completed within a certain timeframe – which sometimes can be as little as seven days from the date the bonus was credited. Check the terms and conditions to see how long you have to wager your bonus and then take action to ensure all wagering will be completed by the end of the process.

Minimise risk wherever possible

You should, of course, always bet on well-researched outcomes that you are confident that will succeed, but minimising risk with your selections helps to ensure you will be able to clear the wagering requirements successfully. When choosing your bets for wagering, try to opt for markets or outcomes that are fairly likely, keeping the odds relatively low. However, there is an additional factor you will need to balance…

Check for minimum odds before placing your bets

When it comes to wagering a bonus, you may find that you can’t opt for extremely short odds that have a very high chance of winning. Instead, you will have to meet a minimum odds threshold; how high this threshold is will depend on the bookmaker T&Cs, but expect at least 1.5 and likely closer to 2.00. As always, verify the exact minimum odds for the individual offer you have utilised prior to starting to wager, so you know exactly what bets will qualify towards the process.

Incorporate the wagering into your daily betting routine

Wagering is not necessarily an activity that requires a dedicated focus; for most regular bettors, wagering can largely be incorporated seamlessly into their standard daily betting routine. While you’ll still need to monitor the expiry of the bonus and factors such as applicable markets and minimum odds, for the most part, try to wager your bonus as part and parcel of your standard betting.

Useful FA Cup betting vocabulary

When reading through our free FA Cup betting tips, or in fact reading about any sport or just browsing operators or placing bets, you will encounter a range of different terms. To help familiarise you with the vocabulary that surrounds all aspects of better, here’s a handy list of the most commonly-used terminology to keep in mind:

  • Bookmaker – an operator who operates a sportsbook on their website, taking bets on a variety of different sports and markets. For example, Coral, William Hill, and Paddy Power are all bookmakers.
  • Exchange – a platform where bettors bet against one another rather than a bookmaker. Betfair, Smarkets, and Betdaq are all exchanges, or include an exchange as part of their service (Betdaq and Betfair, for example, also include sportsbooks).
  • Odds – a representation of the mathematical calculation regarding how likely an event is to take place. Odds are usually presented in either fractional (4/1) or decimal (5.00) form at UK operators.
  • Stake – the amount wagered against a potential outcome, in cash funds.
  • Betslip – a slip that appears on a bookmaker’s site prior to placing a bet, where the bet and odds are listed. When the stake is input to the betslip, the total potential winnings should the bet succeed are usually displayed, and then the bet can be submitted and stored.
  • Accumulator – a specific type of bet in which multiple selections (usually three or more) are included as part of the same bet. The more selections, the higher the odds of the accumulator tend to reach. All selections must succeed in order for the bet to win.
  • Build your own bet (or words to that effect) – many bookmakers now offer the ability to create your own bet, rather than using the pre-selected markets. This is usually done across social media; you can decide what bet you want to place (for example, you could bet on a football match and decide: the winner, whether or not there will be a red card, the number of corners, and a goalscorer) and then send a message to the bookmaker asking for odds on your selection. You can then place your bet based on these quoted odds. In addition, most bookmakers allow you to see the ‘build a bet’ suggestions from other customers on their website, and provide the function for you to bet on the same selections also if you wish.
  • Bonus bet – a type of bonus that allows a bet to be placed without using cash funds. Bettors tend to be credited with bonus bets as part of an offer or sign-up bonus. Bonus bets are also sometimes called bonus tokens and the stake is not returned should the bet win, unlike with standard bets.


The FA Cup is a beloved tournament that always presents a range of fascinating fixtures that are capable of delighting eager fans throughout the season – and the same fixtures appeal to football bettors also. We at have striven to assist those looking to place bets on the tournament by a range of comprehensive and impeccably-researched free betting tips for the FA Cup, so bettors on this classic tournament can enjoy the expertise we bring to the football betting tips we include across the site. As a result, anyone looking to bet on the tournament should include a visit to to read the latest FA Cup betting tips when considering which bets they wish to place.

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