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Sports and gambling go together like PB and J, and the internet has only made the whole thing easier and more rewarding. There are mainly three kinds of online gambling ventures, namely casinos, poker and sports betting.

The aspect of sports betting involves predicting an outcome on a certain event and placing a wager, usually a sum of money, on the result. Football is the king on online sports gambling, so here’s our guide to the sport, the online markets, and how to take advantage of offers like Betfred’s £30 free bet offer.

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A brief guide to football betting

If you want your wager to win, it is crucial to understand the strategies for the game in order to give yourself the optimum chance of success. That’s why our free betting tips for football can be of great help. The vigilance and presence of mind to analyse the opponents’ scheme of play are essential to be strongly placed in the domain of gambling.

Time may have changed with the presence of the internet but the fundamentals of the gambling affair remain the same. You simply need to bet money on a specific outcome of a sports event. The predictor will be victorious if that outcome happens; otherwise, they will lose the money.

The popularity of sports betting is partially down to the simplicity and straightforwardness of the game as well as because of the excitement involved. As you escalate to higher levels of play, the complexity and hence the potential winning sum surge.

The latest football betting tips UK can help you place more successful bets. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

Pay attention to basics

Having a crystal clear understanding of the basic rules of play in football is important before heading towards more complex stages of sports betting and implementing the latest football betting tips UK. Knowledge of the basics will enable a punter to be in a better position to make comprehensive betting decisions.

Keep realistic expectations

It is important to understand the level of yield a sports betting exercise can generate. Hoping that betting can fund your living is not a realistic aim. The most regular and professional sports bettors are also not guaranteed to win all the games they wager on.

Process a bankroll management plan

It is of huge value to calculate the amount of money you are interested in betting right from the beginning of your gambling endeavour. Betting all the sum in your bank account is definitely not a good idea! Only ever wager funds you are willing to lose.

Find a trusted gambling site

There are many sites ready to accept your football wagers on the internet, but when you are sharing your private data and financial details, using a genuine site is essential. Doing a bit of research, learning more about the top 10 UK betting sites, and even going through the football betting tips for today will help you in finding a trusted site that suits your individual preferences.

Main factors of importance when placing football betting tips

Football fans all over the world encompass a robust population of sports lovers. There are many different football leagues, with followers looking for the likes of the latest Premier League betting tips, free betting tips for Europa League, Champions League betting tips and free betting tips for FA cup that people follow.

Intricate followers of the game know every minute aspect of the sport. Regularly watching football does develop a sense of confidence regarding the game, but to master the act of betting, utilising free betting tips for football, along with concentrating on a few crucial factors is essential to be an intelligent bettor.

The latest football betting tips UK that are immensely helpful for placing rewarding bets on the beautiful game can be classified into the following.

Team quality

Observe the quality of players in the team you are considering betting on. Many bettors end up focusing on a few favourite players of their choice, but as per free betting tips for football it is important to have a well-rounded perception of the entire team as a whole. Therefore considering the team performance overall is vital.

The talent of the forward players is the most important introspection point. Next, you could evaluate the other positions of the team, including defence and even the manager’s tactics and affect his squad.

Team styles

While betting on football, an important latest football betting tips UK is detecting the style of the team’s play, such as whether they are aggressive in offence or rely more on their defensive players to grind things down. In addition, the way that their defence and attack strategy lines up to that of their opponent team’ is absolutely crucial in determining if a wager is worth backing.


Although often ignored, the motivational factor of the team is central to understand the overall pulse of the game. The outcome of the previous games of the two teams, their present league standing position, and their year-long schedule must be thoroughly studied to understand the team’s mental status.

For example, football betting tips for today may show that a team that was bluntly defeated is likely to be more motivated to win the present game! Similarly, a team safely at the top of the standings may be more likely to take it easier on a certain game rather than focusing on making it a high-scoring affair.


The injury details of the players are easily available prior to the commencement of a game. The best football team is not exempted from being badly injured. The paramount injury news must be incorporated while filing a bet, as one injured player can change the entire team’s tactics.


The week leading to the game can be filled with thousands of statistics and data. Needless to say, free betting tips for football include recommending you to sieve the most relevant information and put it to best use to guide your betting decision.

Why trust our betting tips?

You need to think twice before trusting anything on the World Wide Web at the present time, particularly when it comes to free betting tips for football. This is especially the case in the domains where money is involved. The trust issue is a very important criterion.

Years of study and involvement with the realm of sports betting have a trusted household name. Our latest football betting tips UK punters can use are reliable and written by experts.

Our latest football betting tips UK residents can use are explained in detail with precision, and our betting predictions are backed by trusted facts, thereby enhancing the probability of their occurrence. Our team of experts have helped us successfully build a good reputation online.

Our key to success: the tools we use to analyse the daily betting market

Creating successful latest football betting tips UK can be a tedious task. Robust research and analysis with precision are what we employ while preparing daily betting market reports and free betting tips for football.

Perpetual evaluation following systematic steps, and constantly monitoring the football teams have contributed towards our success as a betting site. Prior analysis before the start of each football match forms an essential part of preparation. Our experts carry out the following to create  the best betting tips;

Tracking the performance of both the teams for a considerable period

A long-time analysis of the teams enables our experts to understand their trend of play in a very lucid manner. Observing the teams for significant periods of time portrays a bigger picture regarding their strategies and approach of play. Important aspects like goals conceded, goals scored, results against the teams similar to the opponent in the next match and play result in home ground & abroad are closely analysed by our experts for our latest football betting tips UK.

Our team retrospects the current status of play of both the football teams to portray a recent update in our free betting tips for football. The previous five to 10 matches are crucial in revealing both the teams’ current impulse, momentum and on-pitch style of play.

Following team news

Proper knowledge of the list of injured, doubtful and suspended players helps our team pen down a good analysis regarding the prediction of play. For example, a team without its best striking star would likely not put up a good show. The previous performance of the player replacing the missing one is thoroughly analysed by our team too. This helps us to make the best-educated guess regarding the change of strategy of play and provide you with accurate latest football betting tips UK.

Reviewing the head-to-head history between the teams

Our team also analyses the historical data of the former fixtures in the two teams’ history. Their counterattacks and defence to each other’s attack can help predict the outcome of the forthcoming game.

Things you should think about before placing a football bet

Planning a proper and well thought-out bet can yield quite a handsome reward. If you are seriously considering sports betting, you are advised to pay attention to the following latest football betting tips UK so you understand your wagering options before putting your money where your mouth is.

Consider fixed odds betting

This comprises betting on the team you predict will win. In case the team wins, payouts are extended according to the agreed odds. The odds can be understood as the ratio between the sums of money staked by the two parties on the bet. For example, with odds of 5:1, you can get £5 on every £1 invested in the be if your prediction is successful.

The odds are specified generally in three formats, namely Moneyline or American odds, fractional odds and decimal odds. Good sportsbook sites will allow you to display the odds in your preferred way. The free betting tips for football can be applied regardless of the format the odds are presented in.

Understand the traditional types of bets

An outright winner wager is the first and most simple form of online sports bet. In it, you simply need to pinpoint a team that you predict will win the match and bet on them.

Secondly, a point spread bet is a celebrated football betting option. In it, a bettor needs to choose not only the winning team but also the cover spread. Points spread, or handicap betting is the number of points taken from the favourite and given to the underdog to make it a favourable plane for both the teams. This enables you to win money even after betting on the losing team.

Finally, the accumulator bet is all about making multiple selections on a particular bet. It involves many risks. Using our latest football betting tips UK you can get a better understanding of the game and online betting as a whole.

Opt for live betting for more excitement 

As the name suggests, live betting enables the bettors to bet live even after the commencement of the game. It adds an extra tinge of adventure and thrill in the game as you can analyse the live game, use free betting tips for football and bet in real-time with changing odds as the action unfolds.

Use mobile sports betting on the go 

An element of digital innovation is mobile sports betting, where you can place bets easily by a click on your mobile phone device. Many websites have encompassed and synchronised mobile betting. All the latest football betting tips UK are applicable for mobile betting as well.

Our top 5 tips for finding your favourite bookie for football

The most vital part of betting is picking the best online bookies for football to suit you. The internet has provided numerous options for online sports gambling. The following latest football betting tips UK could be handy in pinpointing the appropriate bookmaker for your interests; best online bookies for football

Website downtime

It is essential to check if you can access the websites numerous times in a day, especially during peak hours. Check the easiness of usability of the site and the speed of loading of the site. Carrying out a check on the links of the site is important to ensure that the technicality of the process is fine.

A great bonus is not everything

Many fraudulent bookies offer a tempting welcome bonus, but do not fall prey to promotions that look too good to be true. There are often steep wagering requirements attached that make it difficult to release the bonus, so it is crucial to be vigilant. Make sure you read the terms and conditions in full to assess their true value.

Deposit amount

Some sports bookmakers demand low initial deposits and some high initial deposits for opening an account. It is recommended that you are aware of just how much you need to deposit to open an account.

Payment after a win

Getting paid after winning a bet is of utmost importance. With all other things being perfect, if the payment modes are inefficient, all other efforts go down the drain. Thus, proper knowledge of the site’s cashier page and payment information, like fees, payout options and expected time to bank payments, is crucial.

Customer service

It is irritating to be on the waiting list for long while demanding customer help. Before creating an account, it is a good idea to go through customer service reviews to make sure you will get the help you need fast if something does go wrong.

Our top 5 tips for wagering your football bonuses

Amongst thousands of aspiring football bettors, many end up losing in dismay. Poor betting decisions or insufficient knowledge may lead to such disappointment. The following latest football betting tips UK are useful to help players successfully bet on football wagers with their sportsbook bonuses;

Keeping a record

Keeping a systematic and organised record of the previous betting details like the losing and winning bet, sum staked in the bets, profit or loss from each bet and bookie used in each bet is pertinent to track and analyse your betting performance.

Don’t bet with your heart

It is crucial to be impartial while betting in football. It is important to be in limit and bet only after proper analysis while incorporating the free betting tips for football. Betting on your favourite football team and the team finally losing would result in a great amount of disappointment. If you are serious and are looking for long term winnings, then playing with the mind should be the norm and not with your heart.

Know the markets

You should be aware of the numerous football betting markets and tap into the one which provides more profitable odds.

Bag the small wins

Take every small win as an encouragement and a sign that the free betting tips for football are working. In order to be a bettor aiming for a big win, it is a good idea to stabilise yourself with small wins on low-risk wagers.

Know football inside out

Being well-versed with the rules of the game is definitely a plus when betting. Every little detail can be a great clue in determining a good football betting strategy.

Useful football betting tip vocabulary

Being accustomed to certain specific terms of online football betting forms the basis of free betting tips for football and always keeps a bettor at an advantageous position. Let’s look at some of the important terms of online football betting;

  • Accumulator bet. This refers to a singular bet that amalgamates two or more bets into a big bet. The condition of winning the big bet is winning all the individual bets, meaning it is higher risk.
  • Banker bet. This is a well-celebrated bet and complemented with an assured profit, backed by robust stakes. These are placed on odds of 2:5 or less.
  • Closing line. This is the final line of the game. It is the finishing line prior to which a bookie sets the odds of the game.
  • Double betting. Double betting consists of two selections, but the choice of both the selections needs to be guessed correctly in order to qualify for a bonus. It offers more returns than single bets.
  • In-play betting. In simple words, this refers to live betting. In such betting, wagering on the outcomes of the match can be made while the game is on even after the commencement of the play.
  • Juice. This refers to the commission charged by a bookie for losing each bet.
  • Off the board. If a betting game is taken “off the board”, it ceases to be bet on. Such a thing happens usually on suspicion of a match-fixing and is done to ensure no loss of money on the match.


Being guided by experienced and well-informed experts through our free betting tips for football has immense benefits whether you are a novice or an expert bettor. With us, you can see the top 10 list of betting sites UK, as well as best online bookies for football, and can learn and improve your betting game in an easy and comprehensive manner.

We take care to list the basics of sports betting in an easy-to-understand manner and help you win in the phenomenon of sports betting and have fun in the process with our free betting tips for football.

Our latest football betting tips UK punters can use will guide you in placing bets with ease and confidence. Just log onto your account, study the betting platform, and bet!

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