Free Betting Tips for Golf 2022

If you’re sport betting online, you’ve probably got one eye on the golf - and if you don’t, sort it out! To win on golf betting, you need tips, strategy and knowledge.

If only you knew where to get those things… - oh wait, you can get them right here. How convenient. Among various online sports betting, golf is one of the most popular sports and is considered one of the most engaging, which makes it the perfect sport to use bonuses - like this £30 in free credit at Betfred - on

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A brief guide to golf betting

There are some golf betting tournaments like the US and British Open, PGA Championship and the Masters, that are more prestigious than others. These sporting events get massive coverage globally and many fans track the events when the tournaments begin.

You can find excellent free betting tips for golf in this guide that can help you to learn more about golf betting and improve your betting game. If you are fond of other games, we have an extensive guide to all of your favourite sports. Tennis betting tips, basketball betting tips, and free rugby betting tips are all provided. Added to which, you can find the latest snooker betting tips, and latest free horse racing betting tips. Keep reading to inform yourself and keep abreast with all that is new!

If you are new to golf betting or even if you have bet on golf many times in the past, then our golf betting tips for today from experienced and trusted experts may help you a lot. Here are just some of the most important things to keep in mind when wagering;

Know the basics of the game

If you are a beginner in golf betting, you will come across a lot of golfing terms throughout the process and in the latest golf betting tips UK. You need to pick up the essential terms related to scoring or gameplay or the course, etc. to become more knowledgeable and successful in betting.

Choose the best betting platform

The correct choice of bookmaker may be the most acute decision that a punter needs to make in golf betting. One of the crucial factors to consider when choosing a bookmaker is that it should have wide coverage of golf events. You need to find the bookie that has the best golf odds and also has the best terms for you.

Study the golfers, golf courses and statistics

You can watch the trends of golf throughout the year and collect information that can be the key to success. When you sift through the data and sort through statistics, you will gradually start to understand what can be essential and what is to be ignored when placing the most intelligent bets using free betting tips for golf.

Main factors of importance when placing golf betting tips 

When you wager a bet in golf, the latest golf betting tips UK can help you get insightful guidance for making effective bets. Apart from choosing the best betting platform, paying particular attention to the following important tips will help you to be successful in golf betting;


The weather can be one of the most important factors for consideration when it comes to our free betting tips for golf. The past major tournaments have shown that weather impacted the chances of the players to contend in a tournament, depending on the side of the draw they are in.

The current form of the players

The current form of a player can bear a lot of weight, and you should also look for the player’s history of suffering from niggling injuries.

Horses for courses

Many players show a general liking for the choice of a course or style of a course. A lot of top golf players have made significant career prize money with the choice of a particular type of course. With the help of our golf betting tips for today, you can gain a significant edge in betting if you know which players do well in which courses.

Scoring average for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th round

You can also look for guidance on a round by round scoring average from our free betting tips for golf. Also, the round by round scoring average can be downloaded from major tournaments website and it can be great for two-ball betting or placing lay/back bets.

Why trust our betting tips?

Our relentless effort to provide excellent betting tips to bettors all over the world has made us the top favourite among users. We specialise in providing expert betting tips, and all our guides like the latest golf betting tips UK are made with detailed information about golf.

With, you can get the list of best tournaments around the globe, available courses, players, bookmaker information, and the statistical data that can help you to make the right bets.

If you know which courses place a premium, accurate and crisp ball-striking over the others that require excessive length, it can help you a lot in betting. With our golf betting tips for today, you can make smart wagers, learn the golfer’s skills, and translate this knowledge for selection of courses where they can perform brilliantly.

Our key to success: The tools we use to analyse the daily betting market

We have a knowledgeable and professional research team that can efficiently and effectively provide you with the latest golf betting tips UK.  We employ a few effective tools and strategies to derive the best betting option for you to have high chances of success.

Analysis of the prior performance of golfers: course-specific and overall 

The trend of performances can be one of the strongest indicators of probable performance in an upcoming event. We do a lot of research to analyse the past performance of the golfers to provide you with the correct information about the golfers’ capabilities in our latest golf betting tips UK.

Paying attention to the statistics

Numbers can tell you a lot about a golfer and can indicate how good a golfer is overall and how they have been playing recently. Statistics and data help our team to have a realistic judgment and bring us back to the facts that can protect us from making mistakes or falling into bias, and help us in providing the best free betting tips for golf.

Seeing how golfers match up with the course 

We understand that it is not wise to look at the golfers by themselves or the course by itself. It is indeed important to note how a golfer can match up with the course of the tournament, as that will undoubtedly have a direct effect on the result and should be kept in consideration for the free betting tips for golf.

Note the experience and the mental clarity of the golfers

While developing our free betting tips for golf, we also consider how the golfers cope with the pressure of the big stage. The experience of being out at the course can help to develop mental clarity too.

Researching for mitigating variance with different betting types

We know how to mitigate the variance in betting by mixing different types of bet so that you can have safer betting choices with our latest golf betting tips UK.

Things you should think about before placing a golf bet 

There are some key things that you need to understand before making a golf bet and using the latest golf betting tips UK. We’ve listed them out here so you can ensure you are as knowledgeable as possible before staking your money.

Understand where the value in the tournament is

This can be the most important aspect to understand for becoming successful. In terms of odds in a golf tournament, the favourite is typically around 10/1 mark, and the range of top 5 falls between 10/1 - 20/1. You need to research, check the free betting tips for golf and do your homework to assess the value of each participant before betting.

Choose the best betting terms

When you look for the best golf odds and compare the odds of different bookies, you can notice that the odds are approximately the same for all bookies. You can find the best each-way term in free betting tips for golf where you can find 7 places 1/5 odds for some occasions and sometimes even more than that.

Don’t underestimate the role and importance of money management

To become successful as a long-time golf bettor, you need to start with a betting bankroll that can absorb losses, as you are not going to win every time even with the latest golf betting tips UK. You may start with a bankroll of at least £50 and can have a management plan to place multiple bets on a tournament. This can help not to affect the sustainability and health of the overall bankroll.

Understand the key betting terms

There are lots of betting terms in golf betting that you should have a clear understanding of in order to become a successful bettor and to be able to make the best use out of the free betting tips for golf. The key terms are odds, betting to win, betting on a place finish, betting each way, match bet, two ball bet, three ball bet, group betting, combination bet, spread betting, etc.

Our top 5 tips for finding your favourite bookie for golf 

The choice of a good bookie can be one of the most important strategies to get success in golf betting. You should take the help of our golf betting tips for today for selecting a bookie.

Trust and reputation

There are booking sites for golf betting on the internet that can be as safe as your local betting provider. You should always choose bookies that have a rich history and reputation for which you can get help from our latest golf betting tips UK.

Excellent usability

You should also aim to use websites that have all the betting options with the odds laid out in a clear manner that can be located easily and quickly. A properly designed website with an easy to understand user interface and UX can help you to avoid making mistakes when you are placing bets.

A large selection of golf betting markets

A good bookie should be able to provide you with a large variety of betting options. Golf bettors should be able to choose from many wagering opportunities spread across many events.

Generous bonuses

You will also find a list of great bookies that offer a welcome bonus, VIP bonus, and many other offers from major competitions when you look at our free betting tips for golf. The offer of a bonus can be one of the most important factors to choose the right bookie for you, but always make sure you pay attention to the terms and conditions to assess their real value to customers.

The best payment options

Multiple payment options and high betting limits are the hallmarks of a good bookie. If you want to stake bigger amounts then you have to look for the correct bookies that takes bigger bets.

Our top 5 tips for wagering your golf bonuses 

Here you can find a few expert free betting tips for golf that can help you become a proficient bettor easily;

Start betting in major golf events

You will notice a huge potential in the market when you start betting in the major golf events. You can easily track great golf events in the powerful online betting landscape. Look for bookies that offer a large number of markets for booking, and you may get a good suggestion about it in our golf betting tips for today.

Try to bet with caution on the low liquidity markets

Our best golf betting tips like the latest golf betting tips UK, recommend avoiding golf betting on low liquidity markets since this can be risky. Matched betting can be the best way to get profit even if the sporting event is not well recognised.

Track updates in the market

You can see the potential of the market when you start betting in the major golf events. With the diversification of the online markets, you can easily track the influence of the great golf events and apply the latest golf betting tips UK.

Start a betting campaign with a certain type of bets

You may start with certain types of betting like lay betting and gradually opt for more varied ones. Once you learn more about the golf tournaments and the players, and other details, you can start making a profit from it. You can rely on our latest golf betting tips UK for making a good choice on your type of bets.

Minimise risks

There can be high variance in betting in golf when you are only picking the tournament winners. It may not be an idle option for many people, and you need to mix up different types of bets to reduce the variance. With the reduction in variance in betting, it can be easier for you to bet and to take more risky bettings carefully.

Useful golf betting tip vocabulary 

Online betting gives the ultimate flexibility of betting and allows you to push a lot of predictions. With the help of our free betting tips for golf, you can easily come to know about the most popular types of golf bets that are available. Once you have a fair knowledge about the type of bets available, your chances of winning in golf betting may be brighter.

Here is a list of the top golf betting tip vocabulary that will come in handy for you;

To win bets: The simplest and the most popular among the golf bets remain the ‘To win bets.’ It is a bet on who is likely to win a particular golf tournament, and this bet can have a payout much better than other bets.

Versus the field bets: This bet can be typically seen in the later rounds in a tournament, and here you can bet for everyone except one or a few golfers. It doesn't matter who wins the game, the only factor that matters is that the designated golfer should not win.

Head to head golf bets: You can find about this betting strategy in the golf betting tips for today, and you need to know what this bet entails and how the bet works to utilise it properly. In a head to head golf bet, the bookie sets a line between two golfers that is independent. You can win the bet when the golfer that you selected finishes higher than other golfers.

Future bets: A future bet is a type of bet that is not decided by one tournament only, but is rather a longer-term bet. You can find details about it in our latest golf betting tips UK. This bet is normally made at the beginning of the season, though you may make it at any time during the season.

Prop bets: The golf prop bets can be a great way to have fun and also to win a good amount of money with the latest golf betting tips UK. It is a miscellaneous collection of bets that may not have a direct effect on the outcome of a tournament.

First-round leader betting:  This is a relatively straightforward bet and odds will be posted before the event on the golfer that has the outright lead after the completion of Day 1. Odds will be posted on the 2nd, 3rd, and the final round leaders after the completion of the play each day.

Top 5/10/20 betting: If you like a particular golfer, but do not think that the golfer has the likelihood of winning outright, you can wager on them to finish within the top 5, top 10 or even top 20.

You can learn more about the types of bets in golf by going through our free betting tips for golf.


At, we have great betting experts that have extensive knowledge of golf games and successful experience in betting on golf. With the rich knowledge of these expert bettors, our golf betting tips for today have been developed for the players. It can be invaluable for bettors to know the various aspects of a golf betting and get an insight into the correct ways of wagering their money.

You can find the basics of the golf game and understand the key factors for betting, know how to select the best bookie, understand the main factors that influence success in betting and much more at Furthermore, you will also learn the important vocabulary related to golf betting that can help you to make the right decisions when it comes to golf betting.

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