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Free Greyhound betting tips today

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Publish Date:04/05/2021
Fact checked by: James Leeland
greyhound tipster

greyhound betting tipster

Betting strategies

Let’s talk about some of the most popular betting strategies to use your new-found greyhound racing tips with. A good greyhound tipster will not necessarily focus on one primary strategy but will be mindful of them all. We will explain some strategies in brief, and you can decide if any would fit your choices of greyhound racing tips for today to use across all of the greyhound race tracks. If you’re also a soccer fan, then why not take a peek at our best UK football betting tips also.

Matched Betting

You can gain some great value by searching for bookie offers amongst our top bookmakers listed here. When using your greyhound racing tips, if the bookmaker of choice has an offer this can help make your betting experience better. Examples such as extra Places, price boosts, money back if second. These offers are very valuable. Always make sure you look for the best greyhound racing odds no matter the situation.

Extra places

It’s not only Horse racing and golf that offers extra places. Greyhound bookmakers offer extra places too! This is one of our favourite greyhound betting tips. This can be a nice offer to use in combination with either matched betting or value betting. Extra place races are also great for adding into each-way multiple bets you may do that day. When placing your greyhound racing tips for today a good greyhound tipster would always advise you to try and be aware of which races are offering each-way extra places and to be mindful of the price you back these greyhounds with. Extra places are very common with horse racing too, so might be worth checking our horse racing betting tips page.

Value Betting

Value betting comes in many forms and is undoubtedly one of the most successful greyhound betting tips. When reading the form, you may think the price of a dog should be 3.0 favourite, yet you discover it is a chunky 6.5 odds. Occasions like this indicate the dog's price is of value to you. There are professional greyhound bettors around that repetitively practice this art and win using this over a long-term period. A successful greyhound tipster will have an idea of the price they feel the dog should be priced. If the actual price is more than the tissue price of that, the greyhound tipster thinks it should be then it would represent a value bet to them. A successful greyhound tipster will generally repeat this process, they believe it eliminates subjectivity and knows, if they are right, it will prove profitable.

Betting the outside Traps during wet weather

When it comes to tips on greyhound racing, this is a must to be aware of. Most greyhound tracks will have a track bias if there is a lot of rainfall that day or the days leading up to the race. This usually favours the outside traps and prices will be priced accordingly.

Form book

This may seem an obvious one to include in our greyhound betting tips. Even seasoned pros use this method, ideally combined with some other inkling they may have. A successful greyhound tipster will look for over-priced value dogs, which can be found daily, with a trained eye and practice. Other things they consider when reading the form is:

  • Was the dog unlucky and bumped, hence the race time not reflecting a true time?
  • Did the dog that is favourite have a lucky run and therefore is under-priced and a false favourite?
  • Was the dog in the correct Trap?
  • Is the dog a slow starter and up against too many fast starters?

Only by reading the form book will you grasp a full idea of what is going on. We will walk through the form book at little, further down this page.

How to place a bet (walkthrough)

So, I’ve selected all my greyhound racing tips for today, how do I place a bet?

The simplest way of betting on dogs included in our greyhound racing tips, as well as the most common, is to bet on a dog to win. Pick one of six runners and select your stake. You’ll want to decide if you fancy this dog to win only or to cover yourself and opt for an each-way bet.

Here’s a typical way to do this online:

  1. Select your greyhound[s]
  2. Select win or each way
  3. Enter stake [stake will be double for each way]
  4. Hit confirm and Good luck!

A typical dog race lasts around 25-35 seconds, so this can be a thrilling way of betting and greyhound races are held at very regular intervals from late morning until the evening.

Different types of bets associated with greyhound racing

We’ll run through a bunch of different options for tips on greyhound racing and bets that you will find people betting on with greyhounds.

Win bets

Providing your dog wins, collect the cash!

Each Way bets

This is effectively two bets. One bet to cover the win, another to cover the place. You will be paid for the 1-2 places. Be mindful of the each-way terms, generally around ¼ of the odds. Good greyhound betting tips would be to follow a “rule of thumb” and back dogs around 4/1 or higher, to ensure you’ll get your stake back if the dog places.

Multiple bets

The most common forms of multiples are:


  • 3 Doubles
  • 1 Treble
  • *When singles are included this is called a ”Patent” bet.


  • 6 Doubles
  • 4 Trebles
  • 1 Accumulator
  • *When singles are added this bet is called a “Lucky 15”


  • 15 Doubles
  • 20 Trebles
  • 6 Five-folds
  • 1 Accumulator
  • *When singles are added this bet is called a “Lucky 31”


For example, if you fancied Trap 1 to beat Trap 2. Or, if you could not decide a winner in the race, but felt two dogs were likely to win, a reverse forecast may be your bet of choice in this instance. These added greyhound racing tips can potentially complement your overall profits in the long run.

Forecast multiples

Same as the forecast bet, above, but usually in the forms of doubles and trebles. These can also be reversed.

Trap Challenge

This type of bet is ideal for somebody who enjoys a bet to last a longer time than most bets! With this bet, you’re betting on a dog Trap number (also called box number) to win the most races at one track, or two tracks combined. This bet is also very different to most bets and can usually be found in menus such as Greyhounds > Specials.

Spread betting

It would be rude not to mention spreads in our greyhound racing tips. Greyhound racing is ideal for spread betting markets. The most common spreads found within greyhound racing are “winning favourites”, “winning distances” and “trap numbers”.

For example, if trap 1 won every race in a twelve race card, then this would total “12” for the meeting, based on winning traps. If trap 1 beat trap 2 in every race in the same meeting this would total 36. The spread company will try and predict what they think the number should be. The bettor will then opt to “buy” or sell. You can find these bets with our bookies such as Spreadex and Sporting Index.

Tote bets

If you’re at the greyhound track these can be a great option. Tote dividends are paid as in line with the popularity of a dog. For example, if there were 100 bets placed on a race, yet 60% of them were on Trap 1, the tote dividend would be far lower than the other dogs.

This sometimes creates a value bet. For example, if there is a dog called “Fast Dog”, this is likely to be backed by casual bettors and the price, therefore, lowers to a lower price than it should be, making the other dogs’ prices higher!

Examples of massive dog bets that have paid off

People have won huge sums of money for small returns on greyhound betting. Especially with forecast multiples like doubles and trebles. One guy had a £37,000 return on a

£5 forecast treble. These are very hard to achieve of course but are possible. There has also been numerous accumulator wins were five or six dogs have all won and returned massive money for small stakes.

What to look for in a racecard

Greyhound races happen very frequently, allowing just enough time to study the form, grab a quick cuppa or pint and then place your bets! All the ingredients for a fantastic evening, or afternoon, pending your preferences! We’re going to walk you through all you need to know about a race card and how to approach things with your betting selections. We have also left a glossary, below, containing some Greyhound terms you can refer to.

First things first, you are probably going to want to view the race card and establish how many races there are and what you want to bet on. Greyhound meetings generally have between 10 and 14 races per meeting.

How to pick a dog

So, if you’re already familiar with betting on horses and studying the horse form, or even looking at a soccer team's previous results, you should be able to adapt to studying a greyhound race card with minimal difficulty. Here are some things to look out for:


All the races listed on the race card will contain 6 dogs unless there has been a non-runner. In the event of a non-runner, the trap is either vacant, or a reserve dog is added to that trap. Brief greyhound racing tips advice about reserve dogs can be found below.

Greyhound name or Trap number

Some bettors have their favourite trap number, some prefer names.


Grades are the most commonly overlooked factor by beginners, so we’ve included them in these tips on greyhound racing. Similar to a horse race that has a handicap rating. The lower the number of the grade, the higher the grade. For example, A1 would be the highest grade of an “A” category race.

Each different race track has different levels of grades running there. Generally, the grades will not exceed A10, but with some tracks, Like Hove, they have grades of A13.


Another important factor with tips on greyhound racing is that the greyhound meeting will also usually supply a mixture of different distances. For clarity, the typical distances for these races are listed below. A “D” race is a sprint, whereas an “M” race is a marathon race, which lasts considerably longer.

D Races – These races are sprints, and very exciting. In these races, you would be wise to look for a dog that has a fast start to the first bend.

A Races – A races are the most common. These are classed as middle-distance races. Usually containing over half of the card’s total races. The general distances of an A grade race is between 400-500 metres and generally last around half a minute.

S Races – The S stands for Stayer’s races. These races are longer distanced races. When selecting a dog for these races, you want to look for a dog that has some stamina. These races are usually between 500-800 metres

E or M Races – The letter depends on the track, but these are the longest races you will find, and one race card will generally only ever provide one or two of these, unless an Open race card.

O Races – O races stand for Open. These races are the cream of the crop and attract the best dogs. The prize money is also more.

HC – Handicap races – these are a regular feature on many greyhound meetings. There will be a handicap, where Trap 1 will receive a lead and Trap 6 will be the furthest away from the start line. These handicaps add spice to a race. Follow these tips on greyhound racing below, to gain a grasp of what to expect on an example handicap race:

  • TRAP 1 – Receiving an 11 length lead [to Trap 6]
  • TRAP 2 - Receiving a 9 length lead [“”]
  • TRAP 3 - Receiving a 8 length lead
  • TRAP 4 - Receiving a 6 length lead
  • TRAP 5 - Receiving a 3 length lead
  • TRAP 6 - Receiving a SCRATCH position

The scratch position means the Trap 6 runner must gain, for example, 11 lengths on Trap 1 just to be level in the race. This is applied because the Trap 6 dog is the superior dog in the race. That dog will most times have the fastest recorded time, and be the best runner. The negative is that the dog must travel through the entire field of runners to win, which means missing any traffic jams and collisions with other dogs.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this greyhound tipster page and can put some of the information to some good use. We also have a best UK football betting tips page, Bundesliga Tips and betting tips for Champions League, if you’re a footy bettor too. We even have tips for USA sports, such as Basketball Betting Tips.

Why not copy or bookmark this glossary, below, which includes some of the most common dog abbreviations and terms.

Glossary of a few greyhound abbreviations and sayings:

  • BAGS – Bookmakers afternoon greyhound service
  • BEGS – Bookmakers evening greyhound service
  • Vacant Trap – there is no dog running from this trap
  • Reserve Dog – a replacement dog for a non-runner
  • Going – the speed of the track – [+ 0.30 secs]would indicate a fast track, [0.00 secs] as normal
  • Ping the lids – When a greyhound leaves the traps fast when they open.
  • Jolly – the term used for the favourite in the betting

Most common abbreviations found when reading form:

  • T - Trial – can happen between 2+ dogs. A non-betting race, to help dogs gain experience.
  • (w) - Wide runner. usually placed on the outside Trap 6, 5 or even 4.
  • Bends – how many bends the track has in that race - abbreviated (bnd)
  • Ckr - Clear
  • EP – Early pace, the dog a fast starter
  • ALd – always led the race
  • Blk 1 – Baulked (tripped/collided), the number indicates the bend number of the track
  • Ev Ch – “every chance”, no excuses
  • Crd – Crowded. Most common at the first bend.
  • DH – Dead Heat

Greyhound Betting Tips FAQ's

🐶 How do you pick a winning greyhound?

There are a few things to consider when selecting your dog to bet on. Our brief guide shows clearly how to do this and some greyhound racing tips to consider, to help you pick the winners.

2️⃣ What is the best Trap in greyhound racing?

Trap 3 has won the most combined races, combined overall tracks. But you would be a fool to blindly consider this data when betting. Our guide shows the reasons why and the best greyhound racing tips to consider before parting with your cash with your bets. Enjoy.

🤷‍♂️ How often do favourites win in greyhound racing?

Fewer favourites than more win - around 30%. This is the reason our guide explains strategies such as value betting and each way can provide more profit and be the wisest choice. We also provide strategies and walkthroughs to become a good greyhound tipster today.

📋 How do you read dog racing form

Dog racing formbooks are jam-packed with data and abbreviations, due to lack of space. So, we have created a brief glossary on our greyhound racing tips guide just for this purpose. You can also find strategies and a walkthrough of how to place bets and individual bookmaker walkthroughs like our BetVictor reviews


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