Free Greyhound Betting Tips 2021

No, it’s not just for your grandad, greyhound racing has been one of the favourite betting pastimes in Britain since it started in Belle Vue, back in 1926.

Each day of the week is designated for a particular greyhound race for which you can find the best tips with our greyhound betting tips for today, meaning this sport has something for you to bet on every single day. Amazing right? Not as amazing as this possible £100 bonus at Bet365.

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A brief guide to greyhound betting

Sky Sports is known for broadcasting the greyhound races at least three times every month by collecting and broadcasting the 25 licensed tracks from the United Kingdom. For example, this includes the English Derby in Wimbledon and Scottish Derby in Shawfield. All the free greyhound racing tips will be designed to allow you to find the most useful and relevant information you need for each event.

Greyhound racing is relatively more straightforward to bet on when compared to other races and sports. But, you can’t find as many insights when it comes to greyhound racing when compared to other races, which is why our free greyhound betting tips are even more useful. There are gamblers who make huge cash purchases in the greyhound racing just like the conventional horse racing; as it was proved by Salad Dodger, who gained the English Derby back in 2014.

An average individual is known to compete more in the flat area when it comes to greyhound racing. By using the pet racing ideas, the comprehensive knowledge about racing and the latest greyhound betting tips, you can decide on the winner with ease. For most of the time, the greyhound race card is published in various other languages, but you can learn a lot from watching these high-end open up races.

At, you will be directed with free greyhound betting tips right from the high-end races to the low-end races.

Main factors of importance when placing greyhound betting tips

The two important questions that we consider before we give our free greyhound betting tips are:

  • Does the hound step right, left, or go straight when the lids are kept open?
  • Does the hound fly through the lids or take steps while it accelerates?

Apart from these questions, the main factors to consider for tips are;

Adrenaline rush

Greyhound racing is very similar to horse racing as both of them provide an adrenaline rush. You may be accustomed to powerful emotions when it comes to picking which hound you want to back, but make sure you always keep a level head and make your predictions using free greyhound betting tips with your head – not your heart.

Careful bets

Additionally, irrespective of you being an experienced gambler, an intermediate gambler or a beginner, using a greyhound racing strategy will always be important when choosing to bet on this classic sport.

Common outcomes

Even though the American, Australian and British greyhound races are different from each other, the results are quite common. The audience won’t feel a lot of difference in these races when it comes to the format which is why a betting strategy applied to an American race can also be used in the British race, wisely.

Fast will not always win

An important thing to understand about greyhound races is that the fastest hound will not always be the winner. The bettors usually access the possibility of the hounds and create stakes in their favour. So, even when a particular greyhound looks like it is winning, it may not win in the last moment.

A gambler must know that the results can turn upside down at any moment, and it is important to keep a note about all the possible certainties in order to become a wiser bettor.

Figure out the race-grade

The UK greyhound races are divided into a total of nine different classes, starting from a9 (which is the lowest tier) to a1 (which is the most effective tier). If you want to win more and use the latest greyhound betting tips, you need to know and be sure about the grade that you want to bet in.

Why trust our betting tips? 

At, we give you the free greyhound betting tips for everyday races so that you can bet on every possible fixture in the UK. Along with that, you can also get a hold of the greyhound betting tips for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We don’t just give out the tips based on basic observations. We perform detailed research about each type of fixture, participate in it, analyse the statistics for each race, and then give out the predictions.

It is a fact that greyhound racing doesn’t attract as much attention as other gambling areas and sports, as it doesn’t have the equestrian competitors. However, the adrenaline that you would gain on the greyhound races is the same as other races, which is why this game has dedicated fans who keep betting on a consistent basis.

In case if you’re not aware of the wagering opportunity in greyhound races, you can opt to read some of the free greyhound betting tips from and start betting in live-action.

Our key to success: The tools we use to analyse the daily betting market

We have detailed free greyhound betting tips guide that doesn’t just have the basic tenets but also different strategies which enable the punter to gain adequate knowledge. At, we use different tools that are developed by ample research so that we can make fine points and accurate predictions.

We don’t just pick by heart the names of the best hounds, but we gather the information and then analyse it. We then present this clearly in our free greyhound betting tips, stripping it of needlessly complex vocabulary/terminology.

The predictions are made only after taking many factors into account. We consider how each race will likely unfold, including which greyhound has the best probability to win. We don’t blindly consider that the top-rated dog is the best dog in the race. We also introduce you to the shape of the race, the worth of the greyhound, and the analyst’s review.

Things you should think about before placing a greyhound bet

Most of the greyhound race fans bet from a mobile phone, which is why they may choose to opt for the safest option – picking the greyhound with the best odds so that they can win the race. While there is nothing wrong with going with this simple approach, especially for a beginner, the simpler approach won’t gain you higher profits.

This is why it is important to know all the calculations in order to get the benefit of our expert insight and free greyhound betting tips. For example, if you are wagering a 5/1 on £15 and have picked the winner, you will receive a total of £90 (with your stakes being multiplied by five and being returned); but the payout for this wager is low. So, you can simply choose this way and have fun.

However, more experienced and knowledgeable bettors may choose higher-risk predictions that have the potential to deliver higher winnings. It is always important to do your research and, regardless of your strategy, we always recommend spreading your money to minimise your financial risk if your bet doesn’t win.

Our  free greyhound betting tips help you to know which bet types and strategies will work best for you.

Our top 5 tips for finding your favourite bookie for greyhound races 

When selecting the best bookie for greyhound racing, there are several factors you need to keep in mind;


First of all, when you access the operator’s website, it should be easy to understand and navigate, with a pleasing interface. This will make it easier for you to place your bets with free greyhound betting tips without wasting time on a complicated website.


With so much competition amongst online gambling providers, each operator is offering attractive bonuses both for new customers and loyal customers. These bonuses can provide an added boost to your betting. Make sure you thoroughly understand the terms and conditions though, as wagering requirements and restrictions can reduce their value.

Betting options

The best bookie should provide you with plenty of betting options, both for greyhound betting and for other sports, so that you always have variety if you want to try something new.

Payment options

When you are placing bets with real money, it is vital that the payment options be speedy, reliable and safe. There should be no difficulties in payment so that you can keep your focus on your bets. Check that your chosen bookmaker offers a wide choice, including everything from debit cards to e-wallets, and that the terms are fair.

Mobile compatibility 

Nowadays, punters want to be able to bet wherever they are and whenever they want. This has been catered to by operators offering either mobile device optimised websites or dedicated mobile apps for betting.

Our top 5 tips for wagering your greyhound bonuses

If you’ve found a good bonus for betting, it’s always a good idea to take some sensible steps to ensure you get the most value from it. Here are our top free greyhound betting tips for using your greyhound bonuses;

Shop around

Smart bettors should remain alert when it comes to wagering the bonuses. It is important to target a few races and hunt for big deals, to make sure that the wagering is not restrictive or limited to just one event.

Consider live betting

Another way of smartly using the wagering bonus is by placing a live bet with it, just after the race starts. This way, you can see if the odds are dynamically shifting and manipulate your bet accordingly to gain balance over the power.

Do your research

Just because you have a bonus amount, you shouldn’t throw it away on an ill-thought out wager. Always research the hound, event and check the odds to ensure you are betting wisely and use the free greyhound betting tips to get the best chance of success.

Understand different bet types

Most of the professional bettors are known to go with complex bets to acquire multiple chances at collecting profits and break evens. Some of the combos that are known for providing these chances are doubles, trixies, trebles, and quadruples. In each of these races, a punter picks more than one greyhound in a respective race as a winner.

Use small stakes on multiple bets

If you are one of those punters who want to search for huge payouts, you can consider Yankee combo that has a total of six greyhounds with 11 interconnected wagers. In these bets, you can wager with ease on small stakes for them to pan out. However, please understand that it is not recommended to invest a lot of money on multiple bets even to wager in a better way.

Useful greyhound betting tip vocabulary 

All sports can come with complex vocabulary, including greyhound racing. To help clear things up for you, and so you can use the latest greyhound betting tips effectively,  here are some common terms you should understand;

Box number: Box number is the starting position in the greyhound racing. It dictates the chances of a hound’s win even before the race begins. It is important to know that the line that the hound has drawn can create a major impact on the race. The lanes that are drawn in close will cover less ground and will have a pole position. As a result, they can take advantage early before the outsider liners come into the picture.

Trainer statistics: The one person whose statistics are relevant to the success of the hound is the trainer. There are certain inherent talent levels that greyhounds possess, but it’s the trainer who trains the hound into winning using certain tips and tricks. Therefore, based on the trainer’s statistics, you can assume the right things, while having a good chance at success. These statistics and latest greyhound betting tips will also help you in forming an analysis so that you can identify patterns in the performances that might help you in the long run.

Greyhound class: The grade and class of the hound plays major importance in the races. The overall performances are good, they don’t tell you everything. Even with a dog that has won in many races, it is important to note the quality of the dogs with which it competed. So, you will know whether these wins are indicative of its chances of winning in a certain event.

Greyhound breeding: Breeding matters! There is always an inherent talent that is responsible for the hounds to win. As this talent is dependent on the genes, it is essential to know about the breed. The hound’s sire can give you cues about its characteristics and attributes, like mental stability, natural speed, and compatibility helping you use the latest greyhound betting tips. Hounds of certain breeds are good at tracking and dealing with certain situations when compared to other dogs.

Career record: The career record of the hound tells you if it prefers luring or chasing the opponents. Its performance data will tell you if the dog has the habit of finishing up at the front. Therefore, the career record of the dog is equally important as class and breed of the dog for successful probability.

Recent form: Make sure that your dog is not a faded out star. Just because it has won a few races in the previous decade, that doesn’t mean that it will win now. The dog’s career can be long, but it includes many highs and lows. Therefore, you need to know at which point in its career your dog is at.

Distance record: All dogs are known for having a specific distance range in which they will perform better. It is critical to know if the dog that you have chosen can do better in this range or not. Once you know it, it will be easier for you to estimate further things.

All of these factors are extremely important to consider when it comes to greyhound racing and using the latest greyhound betting tips. When the hounds are chosen based on the above parameters, there is a better chance that you will win the races with ease. By wagering the bonuses wisely on trustworthy websites, you can make decent money within the limits of reasonable gambling.

Another important aspect to learn in order to be a successful punter is the statistical data of races. By watching the replays, again and again, a gambler can study each runner to build their profile. Usually, it will take thousands of replays to comprehend greyhound habits as they race. But if you have gained the knowledge about the nature of the greyhounds, you can calculate their inside draws and outside draws with ease. And if you don’t have the time, we can do all the work for you with our free greyhound betting tips.


The bets in the greyhound racing market are usually low and are extremely sensible. You can bet on the hounds based on the information and the statistical data available through their careers. By being mindful of profits and losses, you can get a hold of all the free greyhound betting tips and excel on secured gambling platforms.

In the often opaque world of online gambling, knows what’s best for the gambler. Therefore, we bring you betting tips from the seasoned bettors and experts in the industry. Our latest greyhound betting tips will help you win more and lose less money.

If you are considering betting on other games, then consult our expert betting tips. We cover a range of sport and markets. Take some time to check out our golf betting tipstennis betting tips, and the latest snooker betting tips. We also have fantastic free betting tips for rugby and basketball betting tips. All of which will help you improve your chances of realizing positive returns on your wagers!

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