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The NBA has emerged as a popular choice that is supported by numerous online bookmakers, as it’s a market where the players are given abundant opportunities to make money.

No doubt you’re here for some basketball betting tips, so let’s get on with it. Below is our guide to online basketball betting, including hotspots to spend your bankroll on and what to look for when betting on basketball online. Get started straight away with this £30 bonus offer from Betfred.

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A brief guide to NBA betting

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the most popular league in the world when it comes to basketball. It is known for pitting the best teams and players against each other every year. The NBA happens in different seasons, as the total championship is divided into two separate sections.

Both the conferences – East and the West – have a total of 15 teams fighting for a place in the NBA playoffs towards the end of every season. The NBA championship is played for a total of 82 days, where the top 8 teams from each conference are shown to qualify for the postseason.

Towards the end, both the Western Conference Champions and the Eastern Conference Champions go head-to-head in the finals. Following this format, our free NBA betting tips are provided to enable bettors to win decent money in the betting world.

Before opting for an NBA pick, there are many statistics and figures that you should take into account. After all, we all know that the American Basketball Championship is considered to be the most spectacular event in this particular discipline. Every season, we witness many NBA matches with score lines extending to the 210 marks, creating a contrast to the other leagues.

The non-NBA matches usually struggle to provide different games with more than 150 points. Considering the NBA bets for these markets, one of the free NBA betting tips is to aim for higher scoreboards with bets that are around ‘+201.5’ and ‘+209.5’ with attractive odds.

Main factors of importance when placing NBA betting tips

The more knowledge and insight you have when placing an NBA wager, the more likely it is to be successful. Here are some important factors to take into consideration when making your prediction;

Statistical data

If we look at the history of the NBA statistics, we can see that all the teams from both Eastern and Western conferences have successfully racked up the points. In every season, an average of 110.1 or above has been scored by teams in the Eastern Conference, while the Western Conference teams exceed them by a little. The entire data of the NBA championship history offers high NBA scores for easy NBA predictions.

The home advantage

Apart from the points, one of the important free NBA betting tips is that you should not underestimate the home advantage in the NBA. You already might have known by now that bookmakers consider a team to have an advantage when they are playing on familiar ground. This is just one factor that they take into account when determining the odds they offer..

Unless there is a particularly strong away team, the home side often wins games in the NBA championship. During the last season, we have seen 59% of the victories going to the hosts, out of which the home team has won almost six games out of 10. As we know that draws are not possible with the overtime option, the home team stands a good chance in winning the bet.

Points difference

The last but the most important factor and to consider while placing an NBA bet is the points’ difference. It stays consistent for all the games during the course of the season. If you observe the regular seasons, a 10 point average difference has been recorded per game in the final scoreboard for both conferences.

You just have to analyse the form of the team, the strength and weakness, and the starting five to gain reasonable insights for your bets. Apart from that, you can follow our free NBA betting tips to expect the NBA picks.

Why trust our betting tips?

Many sites ask their community members to post their predictions only to rehash them as their own latest NBA betting tips without any reason or justification. is not like that. Here, we give genuine, research-based NBA betting tips with full elaboration for each of the tips.

We detail out the NBA picks while updating you with new NBA betting tips for today, tomorrow, and through the season. For example, if we think that the Golden State Warriors can beat the San Antonio Spurs easily, we will write the preview along with the predictions in the tips section. Or, if we think that both the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks are going to score 195 points together, we will again write a full preview to support our prediction.

By being transparent, open and honest, you will have a clear understanding of our betting tips and also our predictions on who will win the games through the season. Better still, all our expert betting insights are available completely free of charge.

Our key to success: The tools we use to analyse the daily betting market

At, we use different tools to analyse the daily NBA betting market so that we can offer you the latest NBA betting tips. These tools are usually used to know the odds, the betting opportunities, and other parameters that define the betting probabilities.

Player performance

We have the advantage of knowing which players are in and which players are out ahead of time. We can also estimate how the player has done so far in the league and how they will do in the game. This gives us insight into how the game is likely to proceed and accordingly we adjust our free NBA betting tips.

Rookie impact

A rookie who hypes up a story and gives easy judgments is easier to deal with than the one who is realistic about the player’s skills. We use the rookie impact to give you the best NBA betting tips for today so that you don’t just get swayed by the bias but instead choose to make profitable decisions.

Blocks, steals, and rebounds

It is important to consider the blocks, steals, and rebounds as they can create differences in the game. All three of them stand as opportunities to close the scoring opportunity for the opposite team and to create a scoring opportunity for the team. As a result, each block, steal or rebound can create a swing of six points, while offensive rebounds can even create a second chance to score.

Apart from these, we also have the tools to evaluate personal performances, team goals, and team forms to see which way the game is likely to flow.

Things you should think about before placing an NBA bet

Even though the NBA sounds like a very reasonable game and there are plenty of the latest NBA betting tips, there are certain things that you need to know before you make bets;

Realistic analysis

When it comes to the game, the NBA coaches don't care about betting lines or point spreads, but you should. Their job is to make the team win games, get into the playoffs, and prep the team for the finals. Apart from that, they also have to keep the owner happy. However, your goal is to win money based on the bets, which is why both of you should have different goals.

Defensive considerations

The NBA is a league that is designed to promote high scoring games so that they can sell the championship. The matches with high scores are considered to be television broadcasters. As a result, the defensive considerations can be excluded in the bets because they won't draw any viewers.

Back-to-back games

It is known that the back-to-back games of the NBA can have lingering effects on the team when they are travelling long distances. As a result, the stress can magnify the physical issues of the players who get rested, or their playtime gets reduced in minutes. So, you need to know if your player is being affected by the back-to-back games in such cases.

Stars, rest, and minutes

The number of minutes that the player plays in most of the games is an important element to track. If a player has played more minutes in a particular game, then they have a possibility to drop off in the next game. Players who have higher playtime during the entire season can wear down towards the end or can get injured.

Coaching changes

Coaches always encourage the players to win, but when you look at the NBA, you see that certain teams compete more aggressively than the others. A coach for a younger team is generally more tough on the team when compared to the coach of the senior team, which is why a younger team can often perform better than expected.

It's all about the player

A team that has a coach who is not very confident of the players is nothing less than a disaster. Therefore, it is recommended to capitalise on teams that are against poorly formed teams. If you want to know more about these potential problems, you can check out our latest NBA betting tips for the game.

Our top 5 tips for finding your favourite bookie for NBA

Choosing a suitable bookie has a major impact on how your NBA betting experience will be. Apart from the free NBA betting tips, reviews and comparisons, here are some tips to consider when choosing a bookmaker to suit your individual tastes, needs and interest;

Easy usability

The best bookies will have an easy to understand and navigate website as well as mobile interface, where all the options are clearly marked. The website should also load fast and have flexibility.

A variety of markets

Even the most devout NBA fans might want to try betting on other sports or other games. Therefore, you should check the offerings of a particular bookmaker before signing up so that you know there are other betting options for you to enjoy apart from the NBA.

Great bonuses

Nearly all the top bookies have a series of bonuses to draw in the interest of punters as well as to retain them. Popular bonuses include welcome offers and loyalty bonuses. Make sure you read the terms and conditions thoroughly though to assess their true value before you sign up.

Payment methods

As you will be betting with real money, make sure that the bookie supports secure multiple payment methods, including a payment method that suits you. Again, be sure to read up on the terms, such as fees and transfer times, to ensure they are fair.

Good odds

Odds are the foundation of betting as they indicate the likelihood of you winning your bets and the sizer of your potential winnings. Therefore, you should always choose a bookie that offers you good odds, so that you can have more winnings.

Our top 5 tips for wagering your NBA bonuses

To help you increase your chance of winning with an NBA bonus, we’ve compiled our top 5 latest NBA betting tips. Make sure you keep these in mind when placing your wager for the best chance of success;


The NBA offers too many betting markets, and it is not easy to find which market you enjoy the most  among them. It is also important to note that the market that you have success with is not the market that you might enjoy the most. Therefore, you need to know your specifics in this case. Try a few small wagers to get to grips with the markets and discover where your talents lie.

Have multiple accounts

Not all the bookmakers will offer the best odds, which is why it is advisable to have accounts with various bookies. By cross-checking and comparing, you can get the best out of all.

Maintain a record

Keeping a record of all the prior wagers will enable you to witness the things that have gone wrong while allowing you to get a clear picture of all the betting markets. With this information, you can make wiser predictions in the future.

Pay attention to schedule tracking

Teams can’t perform well when they are not fresh or when they are fatigued. By knowing the schedules of the teams, you will know who to bet on and who to ignore.

Preseason research

Knowledge is everything when it comes to sports betting. The more you know, the luckier you will become in the betting world. Do your preseason research and find out the strengths and weaknesses of each team and the squads.

Useful NBA betting tip vocabulary

Betting often involves its own lingo and so, apart from the free NBA betting tips, latest NBA betting tips, and NBA betting tips for today, you should also have a basic understanding of the key terms and phrases used in NBA betting. Here are a few to help you get started;

  • Line shading. Line shading is where a bookmaker expects action on one side and, therefore, opens the betting line towards that side. On finding these shaded lines, you can easily win money with better odds.
  • Point spread. Point spread is a prominent betting type that prevails in the basketball betting market. It is widely known and preferred over others because punters do not have to predict which team will be the winner in the point spread. By wagering the bonus through point spread, you can win decent money based on the points that your selected team make.
  • Over/Under. Another way of wagering the bonus is through over/under, also called total bets. In such cases, the bookmakers set certain points for both teams as limits for their scores. The bettor will have to decide whether their team scores over the limit or under the limit with predetermined points.
  • Moneyline. The moneyline bet is the simplest type of bet where the player is required to pick a winner. By wagering on the underdogs, you can receive better payouts for wagering than the favorites or the top players.
  • Prop bets. Prop bets allow players to wager the bonuses in which the results are not related to the outcome of the games. A prop bet is where you can wager if a player can win a sports award or not. This bet is relatively easier when compared to other bet types.
  • Parlays and teasers. Parlays and teasers are the types of bets where you can wager the bonus in safety. These are exotic bets because they involve a little risk. In both teasers and parlays, you have to pick the correct predictions about the winners of more than one game. If you’re opting for parlays, you have to bet against the spread, or you have to use the moneyline. For the teasers, you can adjust the spread based on your preferences.


Basketball can be a tricky game, but betting on the NBA does not have to be, especially if you have the right resources, guides, tips and strategies. Having a successful NBA betting experience depends on many factors, but the most important criterion is to bet with the right bookmaker. With so many online sports bookmakers available in the market, choosing a suitable operator may appear difficult, but with the expert reviews and comparisons, you can easily choose a suitable operator for your needs.

In addition to the NBA game, we also offer guides and tips for a host of different sports. Take a look at greyhound racing, and tennis betting tips. Furthermore, we have the latest snooker betting tips and free betting tips for rugby. We, at, also help you in making positive bets with our free NBA tips or NBA tips for today. Through our latest NBA betting tips, you can boost your chances of winning money so you can relax and enjoy the game!

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