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Thanks to legions of fans and endless intrigue, the Premier League’s popularity and long-term success is assured, which is good news for interested punters.

We at are delighted to be able to offer our impeccably-researched free betting tips for Premier League fixtures big and small. To find out more about how we craft the latest Premier League betting tips, read on… but to jump in right away, try this possible £100 bonus at Bet365.

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A brief guide to Premier League betting

To discuss our latest Premier League betting tips, it is first imperative to take a look at the Premier League - and, particularly, the areas that are most crucial when seeking to bet on upcoming fixtures.

Recent form

If there is one consideration above all others that should be considered by anyone seeking the latest Premier League betting tips, it’s the recent form of the teams in question. Is Team A on a hot streak that they look likely to continue; or do Team B have a magic touch that is likely to see the momentum of their opponents halted? Or perhaps Team C have been performing well at home but are disastrous on the road, which should play into the hands of Team D as they host their opponents for this next match? Considerations such as this will always play an important role in placing bets on the Premier League.

History between the teams

In a domestic league, everyone knows one another fairly well; a fact which anyone compiling the latest Premier League betting tips must know. There’s old rivalries to contend with based on geographical location and competition for the title, as well as histories of matches old that nevertheless live long in the memory. Understanding all of this, and how two teams tend to gel together, is critical when using free betting tips for Premier League fixtures.

Off-field goings on

Is the manager of Team A currently under scrutiny, subject to numerous unpleasant (and no doubt, puntastic) headlines in the media? Or is the star striker of Team B drawing attention from other clubs, perhaps to the point where a move may be on the cards? Such thoughts - and other off-field goings on - can potentially have an influence on the result on the pitch, so paying attention to these aspects is always advisable when betting on the world’s most famous football league.

We at understand the importance of all of the above elements, which is why these factors - and many more besides - play a role in the creation of our free Premier League betting tips.

Main factors of importance when placing Premier League bets

Here are two essentials to look out for when considering placing a Premier League bet:

Match importance

While most of us would prefer to think that a team and its management always treat every match in exactly the same manner of competitiveness, the reality is fairly different. After all, a team will likely push harder in a match where something of value is on the line (the title; Champions League qualification; lifting themselves clear of the relegation spots, and so on) than a standard match that has little influence on the outcome of their season. It’s therefore advantageous to take into account what the match you’re considering betting on means to each team, and how this might influence the outcome.

The point in the season

Another factor, which is somewhat related to the point above, is the point in the season that a match is played. As a general rule, you can expect matches towards the end of the season to be more tense; a little tighter; a touch more nervous all-around; whereas in comparison, early-season matches (where there feels like eons to go before the season reaches its climax) can sometimes be more relaxed. As the timing of a match will influence how a team plays and the decisions their manager makes, factoring such thoughts into your decision-making when betting is extremely important.

Why trust our betting tips?

Whether we’re compiling FA Cup betting tips, Europa League betting tips, or Champions League betting tips, or - of course! - Premier League betting tips, we at take the same meticulous approach. We look at all aspects of a forthcoming game, assessing the subjects we have touched on above, as well as many more besides in an effort to generate the best possible football betting tips we can every time we compose a tip.

Expertise is also a factor in the betting tips we provide. Our tips are written by those who understand the intricacies of football inside out, from the history of each team in the competition we’re writing about to potential ‘bogey’ teams for each contender. What’s more, we also use statistics and data to strengthen our tips and ensure an approach that is based on genuine mathematical facts and understanding. is therefore a sound choice for all of your needs when it comes to free betting tips for Premier League matches.

Our key to success: The tools we use to analyse the betting market

To create the perfect free Premier League betting tips, our writers use a combination of all of the following key necessities…

An in-depth understanding of football

A prerequisite for any writer compiling a betting tip is a deep knowledge of all aspects of football, ranging from the basics of how the game is played to staying up-to-date on the latest news and developments that surround each team.

While formulating the latest Premier League betting tips based on statistics alone would be unlikely to yield particularly positive results, statistics can be used to help shape impressions, and to reinforce and influence other insights. Our writers use a range of statistics for both teams involved in a match so as to ensure all bases are covered.

Recent form research

Researching the recent form of a football team isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. Some of the answers can indeed be found in the stats - results from the last five matches, for example - but as stats don’t always paint a true picture, further work is often required. This work can involve watching games and highlights of relevant teams to gain the greatest possible understanding of the potential outcome.

The result of all of the above efforts is simple: trustworthy, well-researched, reliable free Premier League betting tips available for all the most important matches right here on

Things you should think about before placing a Premier League bet

The available markets

Gone are the days when betting on the Premier League meant betting on 1x2 and nothing more; now, it’s possible to place bets on a huge range of different markets. From first goalscorer to corners to whether or not you think there will be a penalty in the match, going through all of the options is imperative when looking to place a bet on the Premier League. When compiling the latest Premier League betting tips, we look beyond the basic markets and examine the more eclectic options so you have a full picture of where the value may lie.

Finding the best odds

Another element to consider when planning on betting on the Premier League is finding favourable odds. There are, of course, countless odds available, but being able to find the best odds for your chosen bet selection should be part of your overall betting strategy. With so many bookmakers, and so many different markets, narrowing down the options and making sure you find the best value can be tricky, but that’s where can assist: we’ll do the work to find the best odds we can to include in our free Premier League betting tips.

Pre-match vs live

Most of the latest Premier League betting tips we provide on will offer suggestions for pre-match bets. As we simply can’t predict how markets and odds will shift when a game goes in-play. It’s also usually preferable to place a bet prior to a match kicking off, so you don’t have to contend with the odds jumping as can happen when a match is underway. However, some bettors do prefer in-play bets as this type of bet provides the chance to respond to events in the match, so you may want to consider an in-play bet if it suits your preferences.

Our top five tips for finding your favourite bookie for Premier League betting

With a huge number of different bookmakers available online, choosing which operator to use to place your Premier League bets can seem like a Herculean task. However, if you can find an operator that delivers in the following five areas, then that operator could swiftly become your favourite…

The appropriate license

A basic requirement of any bookmaker is that they hold the requisite licence to operate from the UK Gambling Commission. You can usually find this information on a bookmaker’s website, often in the footer bar of the main page or on a specific section of the site dedicated to licensing.

Great usability

We all want a simple experience when visiting a bookmaker’s site; nothing too complicated, just the ability to navigate around the site and do what we need to do (whether it’s placing a bet, updating account information, making a withdrawal or anything else) without any issues. As a result, bookmakers that offer a highly usable site that feels comfortable and intuitive to use will always stand out from the crowd.

Good bonuses

The vast majority of bookmakers will offer a sign up bonus, which is worth evaluating in and of itself, but it’s also helpful to consider the ongoing bonuses (often called reload offers) that a bookmaker provides. Bookmakers that are considered to be amongst the best online usually offer high-quality repeat bonuses to established customers, so look out for operators that are performing well in this area.

Variety of markets

As we touched upon above, 1x2 betting is just the start rather than the be-all and end-all of football betting these days. Football bettors are now able to choose from a hugely expanded variety of markets related to a single match (or even a tournament), so a bookmaker that offers a comprehensive selection of markets will undoubtedly stand out for all the right reasons.

The right payment method for you

Finally, for a bookmaker to truly be crowned your favourite, you’ll need to be able to use your preferred payment method when making deposits and withdrawals to the site. Most bookmakers will accept debit card payments as standard, but some sites offer options such as Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal too, so keep an eye out for a bookie who accepts your preferred method.

Our top five tips for wagering your Premier League bonuses

It’s uncommon to encounter wagering requirements for any bonuses you may have had access to when betting on the Premier League, but that’s not to say impossible; some offers (such as bonus bets or even boosted odds) require any winnings from the bonus to be wagered a set number of times before you can request a withdrawal. Should you find yourself in such a situation, here are five tips you may find helpful to use:

Check when the wagering has to be completed

Bonuses usually have to be fully wagered within a set period of time, after which the bonus expires and any funds cannot be withdrawn. You should be able to find how long you have to complete wagering of the bonus in the terms and conditions of the offer; if not, you can contact the operator for further clarification.

Keep an eye on the minimum odds

Often, bonus wagering carries minimum odds requirements; the exact odds required tend to vary between operators and even between offers on occasion. Due to this, you will need to make sure you meet these when placing bets that are designed to contribute towards the wagering requirements.

Make sure you are betting on the right sports

Some bonuses can only be wagered on certain sports, so it’s imperative that you check and make sure any bets you place during wagering are on the sports included in the offer. It’s likely that if you qualified for an offer by betting on the Premier League that you will be able to wager it on the PL also, but it’s always preferable to make sure.

Track your progress

Every time you place a bet that contributes to meeting the wagering requirements of your bonus, make a note of it. Doing so means that you can ensure you can thoroughly track your progress and ensure that you’re able to complete the wagering within the designated timescale.

Look for value

Wagering is part and parcel of the process of using a bonus, but it’s not just using a bonus - you’re also placing bets as you seek to meet the requirement. It’s therefore advisable to treat wagering as you would any other kind of bets; read our free betting tips for the Premier League for advice, research the match yourself, and look for value just as you normally would.

Premier League betting tip vocabulary

When using free betting tips on the Premier League - or placing any bets whatsoever, for that matter - there’s a unique vocabulary full of its own terminology that you will likely need to become comfortable using. To that end, we thought it would be useful to include tips for the type of language you’re likely to see when following the latest Premier League betting tips and making your own wagers. Some of these terms have been used throughout this piece and are included here for thoroughness; others are newly introduced - so without further ado…

  • Odds: the likelihood of a certain match outcome (such as Team A wins or a draw) or an event (such as who the first goalscorer is).
  • Decimal odds: odds that are displayed in decimal form, such as 6.00
  • Fractional odds: odds that are displayed in fractional form, such as 5/1 (this is usually the default for most UK sites)
  • Betslip: where bets are placed on a bookmaker’s site - the betslip usually ‘pops up’ in the right hand corner of the screen when odds are selected
  • Favourites: the team believed to be most likely to win a football match, tournament, or even be crowned Premier League champions at the end of the season.
  • Underdogs: the opposite of ‘favourites’; the team considered unlikely to win a match/tournament/league.
  • Void: if a pre-match bet is placed but the match is for some reason called off, the bet will be declared void and the stake returned
  • Bonus bet: a type of bonus offer where the bonus bet is used to place a bet rather than money from the player’s account
  • Accumulator: a bet that encompasses multiple legs, such as Team A, Team B, and Team D to win on a particular date. The bet only succeeds if all legs win as expected.
  • Accumulator insurance: a type of offer provided by some bookmakers where if one leg of an accumulator loses, the stake is returned (often in the form of a bonus bet)
  • Enhanced odds: special - and usually fleeting - offers that bookmakers offer from time to time, offering greater value for a particular selection or (as is becoming more common) an accumulator.
  • Know your customer (KYC): a process by which bookmakers verify your account; this can often happen electronically, but if not, you may be asked to supply documentation such as a utility bill, a photograph of your debit card, and/or photo ID. This is required by law.


Activities such as searching for the right market, finding the best odds with a bookmaker, researching each team, and similar tasks are all necessary before placing a bet on the Premier League, as preparation is always an essential element for those wishing to place well-informed bets. However, the time it requires to do all of the requisite research is significant - which is where the latest Premier League tips can assist you.

By electing to read our tips: you can receive the best of both worlds: your own unique insight into the potential outcome of a Premier League match, combined with our expertly-crafted and statistically-enhanced insights. Our dedication to ensuring our tips are of the highest possible standard is second to none, so you can be confident you will be in good hands should you choose to read our free betting tips for the Premier League.

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