Best Casino Offers UK 2020

One of the best parts of betting on online casinos are the various bonuses and the best casino sign up offers that can be found. An online casino bonus is available in different forms, and you can use it for a range of online casino games. We cannot deny the fact that they come with a bunch of terms and conditions, but you do get some serious benefits when you use them strategically, keeping these terms in mind. If you go through our comparison of the best casino offers UK players can find, you can find a sizeable number of bonuses.

As there are punters with varying interests, the bonuses offered by online operators also vary. There will definitely be a bonus to meet your needs. There is an ever-increasing number of online casinos entering the market that, along with existing top online casinos provide a steady stream of casino offers.

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Best UK Casino Offers in 2020

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What Is The Best Casino Offers UK?

Online casino bonuses come in different forms and all are very lucrative in their own way. Each of our suggested online casino sites will have a selection of various deals, and they keep changing regularly, so you can come back on our page and recheck them. Also, always check the terms and conditions before you claim any offers. Each offer has different procedures, set of rules and ways to quality for it. It differs greatly from one casino to another.

Here are the most usual offers you will find online, along with their terms you need to check before you hit the claim button:

Welcome Bonuses/Packages

A common type of online casino offer is a ‘welcome package,’ also called a ‘welcome bonus.’ Although they are often advertised as big sums of money like £1000, they are usually dependent on matching the amount of money you deposit in your new account with a similar amount of bonus credit. Usually, it is made up by combining multiple offers to reach the total value advertised.

For example: ‘£1000 Welcome Bonus’ could be gained only after four consecutive deposit offers.

  1. Deposit 1: 100% deposit match + 200 bonus spins.
  2. Deposit 2: 50% deposit match.
  3. Deposit 3: 25% deposit match.
  4. Deposit 4: 25% deposit match.

Things punters should watch out for: Punters may need to enter a bonus code to unlock best casino sign up offers. The minimum deposit may differ between deposits. You might even get lesser deals, if you deposit a lot more. As it is a technically different offer, the requirements can be different.

Deposit/Reload Bonuses

These bonuses give you more bettable cash just by depositing a minimum amount in your account. Keep in mind that some best casino sign up offers are only for first-time deposits, while some are even on your second and third deposits. They are usually displayed in percentages.

For instance, you may see an offer stating “100% Deposit Bonus Up To £200”. Here, when you make a deposit of £50, you get it again as a bonus which shall be credited to your account immediately after you deposit the funds. Once you have completed your first deposit, some online casinos may also offer subsequent offers called ‘reload’ bonuses.

Things punters should watch out for: Deposit bonuses are often only eligible on a few selected games, and they come with a timestamp that marks their expiry, so you must use them before their expiry date. Some online casinos also puts a time limit in-between stages; for instance, if you register yourself in August but don’t deposit until November, even if you do make a deposit of £50, you still do not qualify for this bonus. Likewise, you also lose the bonus if you deposit on time but not fulfill the wagering requirements.

Bonus Bets/Bonus Spins

On meeting the requirements, many online casinos will give you bonus spins offer or bonus bets. Punters need to fulfill some typical requirements like: ‘Sign Up,’ ‘Wager £X,’ and ‘Deposit £X.’

For example:

  1. ’10 No Deposit Bonus Spins’: In this particular offer, punters need to simply sign up to receive ten bonus spins from playing with.
  2. ‘ Deposit £20 Get 40 Bonus Spins’:  In this particular offer, punters need to simply sign up and deposit £20 to qualify for the 40 bonus spins.
  3. ‘ Stake £20 Get 50 Bonus Spins’:  For this particular offer, punters will receive their 50 bonus spins when they place a bet or stake £20.

Things punters should look out for Same as deposit/reload bonus we mentioned above, the bonus spins sometimes work on only a few selected games, and they come with a timestamp. As they tend to expire, so you must finish using them before the given date. Some online casinos will also put a time limit in-between stages; for instance, if you register in August but don’t deposit until November, you still do not qualify for this bonus, even if you deposit £50. Likewise, if you fund your account on time but fail to fulfil the wagering requirements, the bonus may expire.

Social Media Promotions

With the increasing popularity of social media, top online casinos often give out bonuses to punters engaging in community activities. All you need to do is like their social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram pages, and there can be giveaway prizes or extra bonus codes. Just like other best casino sign up offers, these bonuses also are subjected to normal wagering conditions.

Wagering Requirements

A punter needs to re-stake the bonus some number of times before they can withdraw the bonus cash. This amount is called a wagering requirement. For example: if you get £10 bonus amount which comes with 30x  wagering requirement, you would require to bet a total of £300 (£10×30) using that bonus before you can release any winnings.

To ensure that the entire system is as just as possible for all people involved in gambling, all the leading operators typically impose these wagering requirements.They are also known as a playthrough requirements.

Things punters should watch out for: Some games do not contribute to the wagering requirements, so you may want to see the list of games which does.

Our Criteria For Picking The Best Casino Sign Up Offers

At, our goal is to help you find the best operator for your online gambling interests, and we do so by providing comprehensive reviews and comparisons of gambling operators as well as their best casino offers. Our talented team has extensive experience in the online betting industry. We see several online casino bonuses from different providers – some from old and some from budding online casinos. We use the following criteria to select for our readers the best casino offers UK:

Overall Amount Of The Bonus

Almost every punter in the UK first checks the overall bonus amount offered. Most of the punters only check this and nothing else. Top leading online casinos know this very well and try to market their bonuses by providing a big figure so that the users immediately click it to know more. Who does not want an extra bonus to bet with? However, as we said earlier, you need to check all the terms and conditions and the wagering requirements before blindly signing up for the provider or applying for the bonus.  Nonetheless, money isn’t the only consideration you should examine when opting for an offer. Many sorts of deals come by, and usually the best online casino bonuses will offer players offers like bonus spins, which are also very useful, especially if you are a newbie. The best part is that you can get these small number of bonus spins simply upon registration. You do not even have to fund any cash in your account.

Deposit Match Offer

These deposit match offers are easily available and are provided by many of the best casino sign up offers UK sites online offer. Punters can expect their first or even second or third deposits multiplied by anything like 100% or even more. Remember one thing when seeing the large bonus advertisements. The amount you see is the maximum you can get, not what you will get. And you get it after several deposit matches. For example, you may see a deal that gives a 100% match when you deposit for the first time, and then giving may be 50% on a second deposit etc. But in reality, you will receive something less than what is advertised. Remember, they will generally come with a small caveat, which means you need to read the complete terms and conditions. At, we review them carefully before giving them a rank and then list them for you, so you can easily choose the one that suits you the best.

Wagering Requirements or Playthrough 

One of the essential aspects of any bonus that you must pay attention to is the wagering requirement. Some online casino wagering requirements are so high that eventually, you spend more than you get. You usually find wagering requirements ranging between 5x to over 80x. It even depends on a particular bonus. We try and display those online casino offers for you with a decent wagering requirement. Anything beyond 50x is considered a lot and must be avoided if possible.

It’s worth checking whether you are in a position, and you have enough time to even meet these requirements within the valid time period given; otherwise, you eventually will lose the bonus.

Game Validity/ Contribution

Apart from the wagering requirements in terms of the number of bets to be placed, it is also important to consider which games would contribute towards the wagering requirements. ensures to take this into consideration before stating the offer as the best online casino offer. Punters should know that with most bonuses, slots will count 100% towards the requirements. This means by playing just slots; you can quickly cash out your bonuses. Games like Roulette, Video Poker and Blackjack contribute too little and may take ages to meet the wagering requirement. By that time, perhaps your bonus will expire. Each online casino will, however, vary in terms of which games they will consider as contributing towards the wagering requirements.

Time Period of Offer also takes into consideration the time factor. These offers are not valid forever and they come with an expiration date. It is important to consider the expiry date of an offer before selecting it as you need to be confident that you can meet the wagering requirements within the stipulated time, else you would lose the benefits of the offer.  According to us, a 30-day period is not bad, but the bigger the time period given, the better. Offers that come with shorter validities such as for only three days are not advisable unless you know you give enough time to the online casino to meet the wagering requirements. If you practically don’t have enough time to meet the requirements, then a great bonus also becomes useless and isn’t worth your efforts.

How To Claim The Best Casino Offers UK?

  1. Find a reputed online casino or simply choose from the suggested list of the best casino offers UK. You could also check out our individual reviews on these online casinos and select one that suits you the most.
  2. Create an account with the online casino you selected. Click the “Register” button. On clicking, you need to follow the given steps. Usually, they ask for your personal details, and at times they ask for documents to ensure you are above 18 years of age.
  3. Depending on the offer, you can claim the bonus with or without a deposit. You may have to check the box which states you want the offer, as sometimes you need to opt-in to take these bonuses. If you select the deposit bonus, make a payment using the appropriate method, and enjoy your bonus.

There are many online casinos in the market now, making it difficult to choose the best casino offers online UK as researching the offers requires a lot of time. Smart punters use comparison tools like Our team does all the hard work of finding the best casino sign up offers for you and listing them. We advise you to sign in more than two online casinos to take the maximum benefit of the best casino offers online UK. Once you are done signing up, you can subscribe and get their online casino promotions right in your inbox or even get some fantastic VIP offers if you are loyal to them.

Top Tips To Find The Top online casino Bonuses

  1. Follow our expert recommendations. We have vast experience and go to great lengths to select the best online casino bonuses based on different criteria, you will never go wrong with our recommended bonuses.
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully. When considering an online casino offer, read their terms and conditions, wagering requirements, and the time period as well.
  3. Do your homework: Ensure you can use the bonus on your favourite game that you love playing.
  4. Find an online casino which offers a good loyalty scheme. A good online casino offers some easy ways to accumulate points when you spend your real money. This way you can redeem these points and get some bonus bets or richer bonuses.
  5. Play fair. Play responsibly and be fair. If the online casino suspects any foul play, they might not only cancel your bonus but also block you from their site as well. Do not present false documents to prove you are above 18 years of age.
  6. Try to look out for bonus spins which has no wagering requirements. Look for online casino sites that gives out  some bonus spins on the side, without any wagering requirements. This way you can keep any winnings if you are successful. Although rare, they help newbies in understanding the game well.
  7. Pick a reliable and safe online casino.At, we recommend only those casinos that are licensed and regulated by trusted sources like the UK Gambling Commission. By using our suggestions, you are gambling in a safe environment.
  8. Look out occasional and seasonal offers. Punters can get some great best casino offers online UK during holidays like New Year and Christmas. Check out our site regularly to get the best of all the offers.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Using The Best Casino Offers Online UK

  1. Not reading the terms and conditions. We have seen a lot of punters getting too excited and not reading the terms and conditions. Eventually, what happens is they feel cheated when they don’t get what they wanted. Some punters even mark those online casinos as fraud sites because they didn’t receive their bonuses. However, it was actually their fault because they did not read the T&Cs properly.
  2. Misunderstanding wagering requirements. Many punters do not check the wagering requirements and then are disappointed when they do not get the bonus credited in their accounts. Often punters don’t even understand what are wagering requirements.
  3. Playing games that don’t count towards wagering requirements. Many punters keep playing their favourite games, thinking they are contributing to the wagering requirements, but they may not be doing so. Please read all the game’s contribution from your favorite online casino official website.
  4. Letting the offer expire. At times punters forget about the time and wagering requirements and lose out on good online casino bonuses.
  5. Not understanding the maximum and minimum cash out limits. Every online casino has minimum and maximum cash out limits on bonus winnings in addition to which the winnings of most of the online casinos are capped. Make sure you read what are the minimum and maximum amounts from their help section, so you are not met with unpleasant surprises during withdrawal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions by punters online. We have listed them for you to understand more about online casino bonuses.

Q1: How to get the most out of online casino bonuses?

To maximize the benefits of the best casino offers UK, we suggest you create an account with more than one online casino. This will increase your chances of getting excellent bonuses. Also, check out some incredible mobile casino offers online casinos have available.

Q2: What makes the best casino offers UK?

This answer is based on what kind of bonuses you think are the best according to your needs. Some punters likes no deposit bonuses as they enable them play on some famous slots without spending any money from their own pockets, whereas other punters like the lucrative options of a deposit match bonus, as they are bigger in size. Based on an individual’s taste and style of gaming, the answer differs. We advise you to check out best live  casino bonuses list to see what suits you the best.

Q3: Are Bonus Spins and no deposit bonuses the same thing?

No. Bonus spins are the most common kind of no deposit bonuses which online casinos offer, but no deposit bonuses can also include bonus cash (for betting), bonus table chips, bonus casino game credits and even loyalty points. The main concept is that you get a bonus without a deposit from which you can collect winnings. Even in bonus spins punters are expected to meet the wagering requirements before they can proceed towards  withdrawing. The no deposit bonuses are typically offered by online casinos to new punters as a part of a welcome promotion and all you need to do is register and opt-in to receive the no deposit bonus.


The best casino offers UK players can claim would depend on your tastes, and which type of betting games you enjoy, whether slots or table games, or even sports betting. To cater to a vast variety of punters, the best casino offers UK residents can benefit from typically include large welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses. Regardless of the type of bonus you choose, you need to keep in mind certain aspects when you are selecting a bonus offer, namely the wagering requirements, expiration date and any other important terms and conditions. helps you find the best online casino for your needs. All our recommended online casinos have extensive game selections from the top software providers, fair and safe gameplay and transactions, and outstanding customer support. Now, what is left is for you to pick up the right bonus and get playing.

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