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Lotteries aren’t all about Saturday night game shows and weird bingo calling machines (what a strange show the Saturday night Lotto was in reflection), nowadays punters can take odds on lotteries across the globe.

This is where we’ll give you the benefit of our expert gambling knowledge in relation to lotteries. We’re here to tell you that you can now access lotteries from across the globe online, and buying tickets for exotic lotteries from other continents is actually very simple – see The Lotter global lotteries for proof!

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This article will teach you more about how to play lotto online. You’ll see that lotto online betting is very simple and you’ll understand more about how to compare lottery sites to find the best ones. Lottery sites should be simple to use, easy to sign up for, and offer a variety of lotteries for you to enjoy.

Who should make use of the comparison?

If you’re looking to play the Euromillions lotto online, buy tickets and win the big prizes like the Eurojackpots, then you should make use of our comparison articles. Lotto online betting is a very accessible form of gambling that appeals to many people who may not have any prior experience of other kinds of online wagering. This makes it even more important that they use our expertise here at to ready themselves for their forays into online lotteries.

Operator Checklist: Top 5 steps for a secure & fair gambling experience

If you want to play lotto online then there are a few things that you can do to make sure that everything goes as well as possible. Here are five simple tips that you can follow to ensure everything is in place.

Know the difference between buying a lottery ticket and lotto online betting

If you’re going to play lotto online, buy tickets and look to win prizes then you need to know that there are two options for playing lotteries online. Some lottery sites allow you to buy a ticket for the actual lottery itself. For overseas lotteries, this can sometimes mean a proxy in that country buying a ticket for you. The other way that some lottery sites manage it is that you bet on the outcome of the lottery. This can affect what you win, so always check to see which of the two methods is being used at the lottery site you favour. It can make a difference to how you play lotto online.

Look at a lotto site’s range of lotteries

If you want to indulge in a spot of lotto online betting then it is a good idea to make sure that you have plenty of choice. A good lottery site will offer you the chance to play on several different lotteries from across the world. Variety is supposed to be the spice of life, so having more choice available to you should make your lottery adventures more interesting and entertaining.

See if a mobile app is available

The most convenient thing about lotto online betting is that you can indulge in it from anywhere with an internet connection. Something that really adds to this convenience is being able to use an app on your phone or tablet. The availability or otherwise of an app can be a really important consideration, especially if you like gambling on the go, so always check to see if one is available.

Check how you withdraw any winnings

Of course, the best thing about playing lotteries online is when you win. Getting your hands on any winnings that you have accrued should be as simple a process as possible. You should not have to wait for ages and ages before you can get your hands on your winnings. When you are weighing up the options for a lottery site, always look at how withdrawals are handled. It can tell you a lot about how the site treats its customers in general.

See if you can play as part of a syndicate or take advantage of ‘bundles’

You can often play lotto online as part of a group of people, called a syndicate. This can make it more likely that you will win bigger prizes, as you have more tickets in the game as a result of pooling resources. You can play with people you know or sign up for syndicates via the lottery site that you are using. It is also possible to ensure regular lottery entries for your group by signing up for a bundle deal. Always check these options out before you commit to opening an account anywhere.

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Editor’s recommendation – the best operator

If you want to play lotto online, buy tickets to the world’s top lotteries and hopefully win some prizes along the way, then we’re sure that you will love The Lotter. This is a comprehensive lottery site that offers you the chance to play on lotteries from across the world. You actually buy tickets to play in each lottery rather than simply betting on the outcome of the draw as you do at other sites. There is a huge range of choice of lotteries too, with many from the United States available, like the Mega Millions, as well as options from Italy (SuperEnaLotto), Canada (Lotto 649), South Africa (Powerball) and Australia (Oz Lotto). The site also has a strong reputation and good customer service options, with UK players able to use the telephone to contact the site.

This is how our experts test operators

When we’re reviewing lottery sites there are a number of features that we take a close look at. When you read one of our reviews, you’ll find out about the site’s bonus offers as well as the overall design and usability of it. We’ll also look at the payment methods that can be used there, and what the customer service provision is like. We’ll examine the site’s licence and whether or not their VIP/loyalty scheme is worth joining.

Finding the right operator for you

If you’re already playing lotteries online and you’re not that happy with your current lottery site then you’re in the right place at You want to play lotto online, buy tickets and win prizes from a site that you feel that you can trust and that is serving your needs. Here at we have the perfect tool that you can use to help you in your search for a good lottery site, and it’s all free. Our comparison tool can help you take a balanced view, and see clearly what each individual lottery site can offer. We look at aspects like the usability of the site and whether or not you can claim any promotional offers, as well as how easy it is to withdraw any winnings that you might accrue. If you’re looking to improve your overall lotto online betting experience then make sure you use all the resources available to you at

Most important sections of the site

Here at, we like to provide a highly comprehensive and detailed view of the world of online gambling. Our site has a number of important sections, and you should check each of them out to see how you can use them. Here’s a brief outline of what you can find here at

Casino comparison

In this section we compare the various operators in different areas of online gambling. As well as lottery sites, we look at sportsbooks, online casinos, poker sites and even bingo websites.

Bonus comparison

Being able to claim a nice promotional offer is an appealing part of lotto online betting and other forms of gambling. We compare the bonus offers from a wide range of operators.

Operator/Bonus Reviews

In this section of we take a detailed look at individual operators in particular sectors and their bonus offers. If you want to find the best operators for lottery betting or any other form o gambling, this is where you can find out all about them.


If you want to know what individual games are like, you can find reviews in this section of our site. We take a detailed and expert look at games so that you can know what to expect before you try them.


If you want to find the best payment method to use when you play lotto online then this is the section that you need to read. You’ll find all you need to know.


Want to know how to improve your chances of taking home bigger and better prizes when you’re gambling? Check out our comprehensive range of strategy articles.


Betting has its own language and jargon that you need to be able to understand to be properly successful. This section of the site defines all those tricky technical terms for you.

Differences between Online and Offline Lottery

Playing lotteries is something that was going on well before the internet arrived on everybody’s doorstep. Even in the UK, which was relatively late to the party when it came to nationwide lotteries, people have become used to the idea of going into a shop to buy a lottery ticket and then tuning in to their televisions to see the results.

When you play lotto online, buy tickets from a site and await the results, though, the experience is a little different. For one thing, playing online means that you never have to leave your comfortable seat at home. You can play lotto online, buy tickets and play without leaving your front room. You can even check the results from other countries without having to do anything other than check your favourite lottery site at the right time.

Making sure that the site announces accurate results is also a really important feature of lottery sites that our experts assess. After all, you need to know if you have won or not when you play lotto online. Use our reviews to find the best site for some lotto online betting. If you are buying lottery tickets for use on overseas lotteries you need to be able to access the results. When you play a lottery offline, it is always in your own country, so you tend to know where you can find the results. It’s different when you play lotto online. A good lottery site will give you the chance to watch the draw live too.

How Can You Improve Your Chances of Winning on a Lottery?

It’s important to state that playing a lottery puts you at the mercy of fortune. The numbers in lotteries are drawn at random, and are checked often to ensure fairness. There are still one or two things that you can do to boost your chances of success, though you should be aware that you are not going to be able to shape the outcome in any way by your actions.

One simple thing that you can do when you play lotto online – buy tickets as part of a syndicate. This gives you many more chances of winning a prize as your syndicate will have bought a good supply of tickets and pooled the numbers on them. This certainly boosts your chances of picking up a good amount of smaller wins. Those wins can then be used to fund more tickets in the next edition of your favoured lottery.

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If you want to play lotto online then you should make sure that you bookmark and make full use of our lottery section. By using our lottery pages, you will make sure that you can enjoy yourself when you play lotto online. Buy tickets from one of our recommended sites and we’re sure you’ll have a fulfilling experience. You’ll be able to see that a top lottery site should give you the chance to choose from a wide range of lotteries, allow you to participate as part of syndicate, and give you a chance to watch the draws for each lottery as they happen.

Can’t get enough of our guides? Head on over to our New Gambling Sites and Online Gambling Sites in UK pages next!

Play Lotto Online FAQs

❓How do you play the lottery online?

Playing lotteries online is very convenient and simple to do these days. If you check out our lottery section here at you can find out just how simple it really is. We have a treasure trove of information here for you about all kinds of gambling, so bookmark and we hope to see you again here soon.

✌Can I buy National Lottery tickets online?

There are a number of different ways of entering lotteries online, and lottery betting sites mean that you can enter lotteries from all over the world, not just in the UK or the country in which you happen to reside. We can tell you all about how to do this in our lottery pages here at So check out our lottery pages and find all the answers that you need.

⭐Has anyone ever won the lottery online in the UK?

Lottery betting sites mean that people from all over the world have the chance to play and win lotteries from both the UK and other countries. Each lottery site usually publishes a list of winners and their locations. You can compare lottery sites by checking out our detailed lottery reviews here at

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