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As the name may suggest - the Eurojackpot is a lottery, in Europe, with a jackpot. Everything you need is right there in the name, just like our guide to the Eurojackpot online.

What it says on the tin - this is our guide to the online Eurojackpot, how you can play it, little tips and tricks to playing, and we’re confident after reading you’ll see it as a viable option when placing your next online bet. Need we mention the jackpot again?

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What is Eurojackpot?

If you have previously heard about Eurojackpot online and wondered what it was, this is where we give you a quick rundown of what it actually is. It was established in 2012 as a trans-national lottery, and is run in the UK in cooperation with Lottoland. There are now 18 participating nations, including Croatia, Italy, Spain and Norway. The United Kingdom is not one of the participating countries, but people from the UK can still bet on the outcome of the draw by using the UK Eurojackpot site, which is run in tandem with Lottoland. You can play Eurojackpot, buy a ticket and await the results in the same way as a resident of a participating country by using the website.

Eurojackpot odds are lower

One feature of Eurojackpot online which might appeal to the more casual lottery player is that the odds on you winning a prize are much shorter than they are for lotteries like the UK National Lottery. While you cannot enter the Eurojackpot draw directly if you live in the UK, you can bet on the outcome. The actual process of this is not very different from buying a ticket for a conventional lottery. We will outline the Eurojackpot buy a ticket process in the next section of this review.

How to Bet on Eurojackpot

So if you want to play Eurojackpot online, how do you go about it? If you are in the UK then you need to remember that you cannot buy a ticket to participate in the lottery directly. You can, though, bet on the outcome of the draw by using a lottery betting site. The best option for betting on this particular lottery is to use the official Eurojackpot site that is run in conjunction with Lottoland.

At this site, you can choose numbers in the way that you would if you were buying a ticket for a more conventional, domestic lottery. You need to select five regular numbers from one to 50, as well as two ‘Euronumbers’ between one and 10. You are attempting to predict as many numbers as possible. You’ll win the jackpot prize if you get five numbers and both Euronumbers correct, but there are 11 prize tiers that sit below that too.

Betting on a lottery is different from playing an actual lottery. While some lottery sites will purchase a lottery ticket by using a proxy on your behalf, most sites offering you the chance to play Eurojackpot allow you to bet on the outcome of the lottery rather than actually participating in it. The prizes work out the same, though. The Eurojackpot buy a ticket process is pretty simple when you are betting on the outcome, especially if you use the Eurojackpot site that is run by Lottoland.

Eurojackpot Results & Prizes

If you’re playing Eurojackpot online then you need to be able to see the results, just as with any other lottery. The draw for the Eurojackpot takes place every Friday evening in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, at around 8pm local time. Once all the submitted tickets from each of the participating countries have been verified, all results are displayed at the Eurojackpot UK site. There are 12 prize tiers in total.

So if you bet on the Eurojackpot online what can you expect to win? The 12 prize tiers can be seen below, running from jackpot down to the other lower prize levels.

  • Five numbers, two Euronumbers
  • Five numbers, one Euronumber
  • Five numbers, no Euronumbers
  • Four numbers, two Euronumbers
  • Four numbers, one Euronumber
  • Four numbers, no Euronumbers
  • Three numbers, two Euronumbers
  • Two numbers, two Euronumbers
  • Three numbers, one Euronumber
  • Three numbers, no Euronumber
  • One number, two Euronumbers
  • Two numbers, one Euronumber

The top category, with five numbers and two Euronumbers, is the jackpot prize. Obviously, as with all lotteries, the actual value of the prizes varies when you are playing the Eurojackpot online. We saw a top prize of €22 million at the time of writing, but the value has risen much higher than that. The value of the prizes at that time varied from almost €100,000 for five numbers and no Euronumbers, down to €9 for two numbers and a Euronumber. The structure of the prizes was intended to create as many winners as possible.

Those prizes are among the largest in Europe, and second only to Euromillions in terms of their size. The minimum jackpot is €10 million (approximately £8.5 million). The jackpot prize pot will grow each week that there is no winner too. The maximum that the jackpot can roll over to is €90 million (almost £77 million), so keep a close eye on those weeks when there is no winner. If you like playing lotto online then it's safe to say when you play EuroMillions, there's a lot at stake.

Tips on Staying Safe When Playing Eurojackpot Online

Playing lotteries, it is important to remember, is a form of gambling, and this is something to bear in mind when you are betting on Eurojackpot. Buy a ticket for a lottery and you will fill that thrill that we all enjoy while you await the results of the draw, dreaming big about winning life-changing amounts of money. That’s what gambling is all about – excitement and entertainment.

But you also need to stay safe in other ways when playing lotto online. Eurojackpot fans should make sure that they use a recognised and reputable payment method, as this will help to give additional security to their financial transactions. Visa or Mastercard debit cards are a good choice. PayPal is another method that is very secure and safe.

Another important thing to check if you are using lottery betting sites is to check the licensing arrangements. A reputable betting site should hold a licence from a body such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. Their customer service team should also be simple to contact and transparent about licensing. The more open a lottery betting site is about things like this, the more you can trust them and the safer you will be.

Why Should You Play Lotteries Online?

Many readers might wonder why they should bother playing overseas lotteries like Eurojackpot when there are plenty of domestic lotteries that they can enter in a more conventional way. There are several reasons, though, why betting on overseas lotteries is something that we would recommend trying. Here are few of those reasons.


One of the main motivations for many people who play lotteries online is the kind of variety it provides. While UK residents can play domestic lotteries, many people like to mix things up a bit, and playing online offers the variety that they crave. If you like playing lotto online Eurojackpot is just one of the many options open to you. Good lottery betting sites that operate in the UK can give you the chance to bet on lotteries from Australia to Spain to the United States. As you can usually also join syndicates or subscribe to bundle deals when betting on these worldwide lotteries.

More Possibility of Winning

When you play lotto online Eurojackpot offers you a greater chance of winning than many other lotteries do. This is because it was designed with the intention of creating more winners, with its 12 different prize tiers. Second or third prize winners in the Eurojackpot have on occasion taken prizes worth as much as £1 million, so the incentive is definitely there to bet on this lottery.

If you want to improve your chances of winning when playing Eurojackpot, buy a ticket where the numbers are over 31. Most lottery players choose numbers based on personal dates, which puts their choices in the lower range of numbers. If you’re betting on Eurojackpot, buy a ticket in the higher range and you are less likely to have to share the big prizes with other players.


Of course, one of the main reasons for playing lotteries online is convenience. That’s the great thing about lotto games like Eurojackpot. Buy a ticket, join a syndicate and await the results – all these can be done online from the comfort of your own home. While you can go to a shop and buy a ticket, playing online is a much simpler process. This convenience is why thousands of lottery fans now play online. If you want to play lotto online, Eurojackpot is convenient as well as being an exciting option to take.


As you can see, playing Eurojackpot online in the UK is not a question of buying a ticket for the draw in the same way that you would with a conventional, UK-based lottery. If you like playing lotto online, Eurojackpot is a good alternative to those domestic lotteries. The odds on you winning a prize are certainly much shorter than they are for draws such as the National Lottery. The Eurojackpot buy a ticket process works by you placing a bet on the outcome of the draw, ideally by using the UK Eurojackpot website. It is there that will you also find the results of each Friday’s draw. If you’re looking to play lotto online, Eurojackpot might be just what you’ve been looking for!

If you want to find out more about how you can shorten the odds on you winning prizes on all kinds of lotteries, bookmark the lottery section here at We can help you with the kind of hints and tricks that will help you plot a path to more prizes. We look forward to seeing you back here again very soon!

Looking for advice on other forms of online gambling? Take a look at our online casino with fastest payout and live casino welcome offer guides!

Eurojackpot Online FAQ

✅ Can foreigners play Eurojackpot?

If by ‘foreigners’ you mean people from outside the countries where Eurojackpot online is officially held, then you can choose numbers and bet on the outcome of the lottery by using lottery sites or the official UK Eurojackpot website. You can find out more about lottery betting sites work by checking out the relevant articles in the lottery section here at It is not quite the same as entering the lottery directly.

❓ What are the odds of winning Eurojackpot?

As with all lotteries, the odds on you winning the top prize at Eurojackpot online are very long. While that may sound like you have almost no chance of winning, there are smaller prizes on offer too, and the odds of you winning one of those are shorter than for many other lotteries. You can compare lottery odds by checking out our lottery reviews here at

⚡ Is Eurojackpot the same as EuroMillions?

If you want to know what similarities Eurojackpot online and Euromillions possess then it is a good idea to look at the lottery section of It’s there that you‘ll find reviews of lottery betting sites, conventional lotteries and a whole host of other useful information about the topic. You can also find strategy guides to help shorten your odds of winning lottery prizes.

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