Best Lottery Syndicates Online in UK 2022

Given the popularity of lotteries in the UK these days it is no surprise punters are joining syndicates in the effort to improve their chances of success. When it comes to finding a good lottery syndicate online, we’re the guys.

By the time you have read this article, you’ll understand all the basics about lottery syndicates. You should be able to find the best lottery syndicate UK players can discover by looking at things like accessibility, the range of lotteries being entered and whether the syndicate has a good track record of success.

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Our Expert Lottery Syndicate Guide

Whether it’s with your mates from the boozer, your family, flatmates or a crew from work - forming a lottery syndicate can be a good way to reduce the odds and increase the thrill. Of course, if you do get lucky and hit the jackpot, you’ll have to split it — but what’s a few million quid between friends, eh?

Forming a lottery syndicate is completely legal here in the UK, however, there are some guidelines to follow. What’s more important, however, is setting up and managing your syndicate correctly. Our lottery syndicate guide here at will help you to do just that and more!

What is a Lottery Syndicate?

Pure and simple, a lottery syndicate involves yourself and a group of mates pulling together and playing the lottery as a team. This is often one of the best lotto deals there is. Logic dictates that buying ten lottery tickets is better than buying one, but that’s a big hit on the wallet for any one person to take, which is why many people decide to pull together, buy tickets together and share any potential winnings.

Of course, the chances of winning a big jackpot are pretty slim, however the likelihood of building up a collective prize fund through multiple smaller wins increases somewhat exponentially with a lottery syndicate. On top of that, there’s also the social aspect — just like 5 aside teams, fantasy football leagues or pub cricket, it’s a good way to get together with a group of mates in pursuit of a common goal.

How Does a Lottery Syndicate Work?

The basic functions of a lottery syndicate are simple; you outline your rules for buying tickets, get the kitty together and buy tickets. There are no set guidelines for the finer details, however when forming your syndicate it’s important to iron out the details in advance - which is why we’ve provided you with our expert guide below that includes some top tips.

With the National Lottery here in the UK, you still have to buy your lottery tickets over the counter at an official retailer. That can be a bit of a ball-ache for a syndicate in the modern world of 2022. Fortunately though, there are plenty of ways to legally buy lottery tickets online for smaller and foreign lottery draws. This makes the organising and running of your syndicate entirely possible online - below you can find a list of the top online lottery providers in the UK today:

How to Form Your Lottery Syndicate Today - Our Expert Guide

Step One - Building Your Team

Like anything with a collective goal, the first step of how to form a lottery syndicate is building your team - whether you have a ready-made gang that’s raring to go, or you need to actively seek out members and pull a squad together. Ideally, you want a group who already know each other and that you’re confident are invested and will work together well. Once that’s done, it’s time to set-out how it will work going forward.

Step Two - Lay Down the Ground Rules 

There are no set rules or guidelines to adhere to when it comes to how a lottery syndicate should function, however most do work in a very similar fashion. In its simplest form, a lottery syndicate is made up of a group of people who have decided on a collective budget, appointed a manager and agreed what types of tickets to buy. In terms of things to look out for, lottery syndicates are 100% legal in the UK, the only thing you need to be aware of is that you can’t be seen to be “promoting a lottery”, which is prohibited under the UK Gambling Act 2005.

The Essential Syndicate Rules:

Appoint a manager: First and foremost, you need to appoint a responsible person who will run the syndicate - pooling the money together, buying the tickets and keeping the communication flowing among other things.

Set Your Budget: Agree on your weekly collective and individual budget so that you can plan for the next step, which is deciding how many games and lines to play.

How And When Payments Will be Made: Here you can agree how the payments will be made (either via bank transfer or PayPal etc.) and on what day every week (sometime before the main lottery draws you’ll be playing, of course).

Decide on Games: Once your budget’s been set, you need to decide which games to play, and how many lines. Playing the national lottery will mean that somebody (the manager most likely) has to physically go out and buy tickets. You can avoid this pain in the backside by buying tickets for the available draws on sites such as Lottomart and GoLotter.

Prize Sharing: The important bit - your winnings. In most cases, prizes will be split evenly between everyone in the syndicate, though you may choose to reward the manager with a little bit extra for their efforts. In most cases, you’ll be getting multiple smaller wins, so the biggest decision you face here is between splitting and reinvesting to a point. With most lottery draws, only one person’s name can be put against the claim, so you need to decide who that person will be - logically, it should be your lottery syndicate manager’s. In the event of winning a big jackpot, you’ll need to decide in advance if your syndicate wishes to go public or not.

Step Three - Communication

When it comes to running a lottery syndicate in 2022, this is one of the easiest steps to arrange. Your lottery syndicate needs to keep in touch and thanks to social media you have plenty of options. Naturally, WhatsApp and Facebook group chats are the most common and logical options. You can, of course, also arrange in person meet ups on a weekly, monthly or every-so-often basis - after all, it’s a great excuse to go for a pint!

Step Four - Get Started

Now that the planning and prep is done and dusted, the exciting part can begin - you can now go ahead and buy your first lot of tickets as a lottery syndicate. Of course, you might find that some of the rules you have set out need tweaking here and there, and if you build up some winnings and wish to reinvest, you might wish to reassess the amount of games you're playing. Organising a syndicate meeting once a month can be good to keep everything in check and revise your rules as and when is needed.

Where to Buy Your Tickets as a Lottery Syndicate

Deciding which lottery draws to play as a lottery syndicate, and how many tickets to buy, is perhaps the most important part of your lottery syndicate preparation. Therefore, at we want to help you along with this decision and provide you with some top tips on the best places to buy your tickets.

Buying National Lottery tickets online in the UK, which is a bit of a faff to say the least - you’ll find it much easier to do it with an online site such as Lottomart, where you also have access to more global and European lotteries.

Fortunately, you can play plenty of other smaller lottery draws and European jackpots legally through a number of websites. A few of them might even throw in some free lotto tickets for signing up online with them. Included in these are sites such as Lottomart, where you can buy tickets for multiple British and Irish lottery draws, as well as the Eurojackpot, the US Powerball and plenty more. You can find out more about here in our Lottomart Review. There are other top sites of the same mold as Lottomart - you can find a list of some alternatives below.

Summarising How to Start a Lottery Syndicate

So there you have it, you now know how to start a lottery syndicate - moreover, you know that you can do so quickly, easily and legally with a group of your best mates. At the end of the day, everything that we’ve learned boils down to three easy points. Firstly, you need to get your syndicate together with a group of willing and trustworthy mates. Secondly, you need to lay down the ground rules and communication. And lastly, you just need to get out there, buy your first load of tickets and get going!

So if you’re now heading out to start your own lottery syndicate today, would like to wish you nothing more than the very best of luck!

Lottery Syndicate Online FAQs

✅ How do I join an online lottery syndicate?

In order to join an online syndicate to play lotteries you need to open an account at an online lottery site. This is always the first step to take if you’re looking to start any kind of lottery gaming online. You can find the best online lottery sites by consulting our lottery section here at If you check out our reviews and other guides you will be well on the way to finding a lottery site that is perfect for you.

❗ What happens when a syndicate wins a jackpot prize in a lottery?

You do need to check the terms and conditions of the syndicate agreement carefully before you commit to joining one. You can find out more about how lotteries give out prizes and how syndicates share them among members by taking a good look at our lottery pages here at

👑 Has a syndicate ever won the jackpot in a lottery?

You can find out more about lottery strategies by checking out our lottery pages here at It is always more fu to play as part of a group and it really does help your chances of being on the winners'  lists when a lottery is drawn.


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