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Poker Strategies For Beginners

Online poker has exploded in popularity in recent years, and it’s something that we pay close attention to here at If you’re just beginning your foray into the world of online poker then you’re going to be interested in our poker strategies for beginners. We can give you the expert advice you need to put together a poker strategy for cash games. If you’re seeking out poker strategies online players can use to improve their chances of success then you should read on. Your chances of being successful at poker are improved by you knowing the value of each hand, being familiar with the game’s jargon, and playing at the right skill level.

Start by Learning the Jargon

If you have any interest at all in poker you will know that that there is a whole language of jargon and technical terms associated with the game. You have probably heard most of them while watching Hollywood movies that feature poker games. Anyone seeking out poker strategies for beginners should find a good glossary of poker terms and make sure that they commit its contents to memory. We have listed five of the most common terms that are used when you play poker online for real money below.

  • Flop
    This is the first three community cards that are dealt after the first round of betting in a game has been completed.
  • Fold
    This is where a player gives up by placing their cards face down on the table (or its online equivalent anyway). They will then lose everything that they have bet in the game so far. You should only fold when you think that your hand is too weak to compete with the other players. Knowing the right time to do this is a very important part of developing poker strategies online.
  • Call
    This is where a player contributes the minimal amount necessary to the pot to continue playing in the game.
  • Raise
    This is where a player increases the amount of a current bet.
  • Hand
    This is the cards that you play during a game (a round of a game is also sometime referred to as a hand too). It consists of the player’s pocket cards (the cards that they have been dealt) and the community cards on the table.

In order to properly understand these terms, you need to have a working knowledge of the rules of poker. We recommend that you consult our article on poker rules to sharpen up your knowledge.

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Learn the Value of Each Hand

One thing that is absolutely key to developing a poker strategy for cash games with a live casino dealer is to know the relative worth of each hand that you are dealt. The outcome of a poker game is determined by the hands each player holds at the game’s denouement. If you can’t understand what each hand is worth then you are going to struggle to win games and to even know what moves to make during the action. Here are the poker hands and poker rules explained for you.

  1. Royal Flush
    This runs Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10, all of the same suit. This is the strongest possible poker hand and beats all others.
  2. Straight Flush
    This is any five connecting cards in a consecutive run, all of the same suit. An example is 8,9, 10, Jack and Queen of clubs. It will always beat a four-of-a-kind.
  3. Four-of-a-Kind
    This is where you have four cards of the same ranking but not of the same suit. So you might have four sevens and a Jack, for example.
  4. Full House
    Here, you have three cards of a kind plus a pair in the same hand. So you might have three Jacks and a pair of 4s, for example.
  5. Flush
    This is a hand with five cards of the same suit but not in consecutive order.
  6. Straight
    This hand features a run of five consecutive cards that are not necessarily of the same suit.
  7. Three-of-a-Kind
    A three-of-a-kind consists of three cards of the same rank accompanied by two non-connected cards. An example is three Kings plus a 3 and 6.
  8. Two Pair
    Here you get two cards of the same rank and two cards of a different rank. For example, a pair of 8s and a pair of 10s.
  9. One Pair
    This hand has just a solitary pair in it. For example, two 10s and then a 3, a 6 and a Jack of different suits.
  10. High Card
    This is made up of any five cards and is the lowest value hand in poker.


5 Tips for Playing Poker for Beginners

So you want to find some poker strategies for beginners, where should you start? In this section of the article, we’ll outline five things that every novice poker player can do to improve their chances of success. You’ll find that as your experience of playing poker develops you’ll want to take things up a level or two. Don’t rush the process, though. It is better to take some time to absorb the lessons we can offer at, as well as gain some experience of playing against other players.

It can also be helpful to talk to more experienced players and discuss the game. There is always something to be learned from talking to those who have been playing the game for years. But to get you started on your journey here are some basic things that you can do to begin to develop poker strategies for online games.

Find your level

A really important thing to remember when you are starting out shaping a poker strategy for cash games is that you are a beginner. Start with low stakes games as they are where you will find other inexperienced players. There is absolutely no point in you diving into high stakes games against hugely experienced players who will beat you badly. You must accept that to start with you are learning the game and you should pick tables and games that suit your skill level.

Stick with one table

You may well have heard of some experienced poker players doing something called ‘multi-tabling’. This is something that, as a beginner, you should always avoid. Concentrate on playing at one table and learning as much as possible about the game before you add anything like this to your game. Focus on one game and watch what the other players do. Take the time to consider your actions and absorb lessons. Playing at more than one table too soon will not help you shape a strong poker strategy for cash games at first. Multi-tabling is never a good idea if you are trying to shape poker strategies for beginners.

Consider your opponents’ cards

It is always important in poker to consider what cards your opponent might have in order to assess what your next step should be in a game. You can assess this by considering the community cards and the cards that you have in your own hand. The time an opponent takes to make a decision about what to do next can also give you an idea of what cards they might be holding. If they are taking a long time to make up their mind about what to do next then the likelihood is that they have doubts about the strength of their hand, for example. You should also consider a player’s position at the table and how that might be influencing their actions. This is quite a complex part of poker but it’s interesting, and is certainly a skill that you should make sure that you develop.

Learn when to fold

Knowing when to give in is a good thing in poker. If players who have been calling throughout the game suddenly start raising, for example, it might be time to fold. Novice players who are in the early days of developing poker strategies online often find it tough to give up on hands that look moderately strong, such as good one-pair hands. Remember that you are starting out at low stakes tables where players are unlikely to be bluffing every often, so you can usually get a pretty good idea of how strong other players’ hands are from how they act. Don’t die in ditches when you only have moderate hands, fold and focus on the next hand.

Take time to think

If you’re looking for a successful poker strategy for cash games then staying calm and taking the time to think during a game is a really important skill to develop. Think carefully about the moves you make during a game and do not let the pressure of time get to you. There is always more time to consider your actions than you often think that there is when you are in the thick of the action. There is a lot to consider during a game of online poker and reacting hurriedly or automatically can often be a recipe for defeat. Weigh up each hand carefully and only make actions when you are sure of what you are doing.


Staying Calm is the Key to Successful Poker

When we’re discussing poker strategies for beginners it is important to consider a few things that you might not immediately consider important as a newcomer. Emotion always has an effect on how a game turns out, so always staying calm is key to success at the poker table. If you feel angry or sad when you’re playing the chances are that you are not giving the game your full attention. Equally, if you’re playing when something is distracting you around the house you’re not likely to make the decisions that can win you games. Always stay calm when playing online poker – for one thing you’ll also manage your money more effectively.

Watch your bankroll carefully

A good poker bonus can tempt you into more games than you might be able to afford. Bankroll management is a key skill that anyone looking to come up with poker strategies online needs to learn. If you keep a close eye on your bankroll you are going to make much more telling and effective decisions at the table. Recklessness occasionally has its place in a game of poker, but it needs to be timed properly. It is far better to adopt a calm approach generally and watch your betting closely. No one wants to spend more than they can afford and cause problems in their life. Keep a close eye on your bankroll and you’ll see a positive effect in your poker play.


It is often said that poker is a simple game to learn but a very difficult game to perfect. Formulating the perfect poker strategies online is a task that could take a lifetime. The fun comes from trying to find that elusive formula that will bring you success. We hope that your search for poker strategies for beginners has made a strong start with you reading this article. Remember that we feature a whole range of other articles about poker here at You can find video poker strategies as well as a whole host of other useful information, such as revealing the latest and best poker bonus no deposit bonus. If you’re unsure on the answer to the question “is online poker legal?” in your area, then we can help to clear this up for you.

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